The promises of a “facelift in a bottle” and “dramatic results after one use” sound amazing! However, we know all too well the disappointment of misleading marketing when it comes to skincare, specifically firming lotions. So, what firming creams actually work? The skin care experts at Belladerm MedSpa are here to highlight our favorite firming products.


Bodifirm™ from Revision Skincare is a phenomenal product to add to your whole body skincare regimen. Specifically created to address the body rather than face and neck, Bodifirm™ holds advanced technology to target sagging and crepe-like skin by sculpting the indicated area.

Nectifirm Advanced

Nectifirm Advanced is another of Revision Skincare’s award-winning body products. This age-defying lotion is packed with antioxidants, peptides, and vitamins to visibly lift and smooth the neck and chest. Harnessing the power of the skin’s own microbiome is what sets this product apart. The results speak for themselves and leave us wanting more!

Firm & Tone Lotion

SkinMedica’s Firm & Tone Lotion is powerfully effective at targeting sagging, crepe-like, and dimpled skin. Indicated for use on the under arms and thighs, this product addresses visible signs of aging and leaves skin with a youthful glow. In addition, Firm & Tone Lotion has the key benefits of diminishing the look of uneven skin texture and improves the look of sagging.

Which Firming Product is Best for Me?

While traditional firming products claim to deliver extraordinary results, professional-grade skincare can only be purchased through a licensed retailer for a variety of reasons, inducing efficacy and white-papers to back their claims. Brands such as SkinMedica and Revision Skincare are some of our favorites when looking to obtain real results. Nevertheless, we always recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of our skin-care experts to determine candidacy for the products you are considering.