Hello, All!  I recently attended a luncheon hosted by one of my fave “Friends of Belladerm”, Darla Hill with Principal Financial Group.  There was a wonderful speaker and I decided I wanted to pass on the message to all of you.
While we feasted on yummy gyros at Santorini, we enjoyed a presentation by Julie Hill from Salem Communications.  She had an awesome energy, and a great message.  In a nutshell, she challenged us all  in 5 steps, to a 21 Day Challenge.
Step 1) Take a 21 Day Positive Mental Attitude view on life.  Attitude is a choice!
Step 2) Associate with upbeat, positive people.  During the 21 day program, make it a goal to be people with positive attitudes.
Step 3) Be selective on what you read, listen to and watch.  Be proactive on what you feed your mind and spirit during the challenge!
Step 4) Commit to an exercise program for 21 days.  What a powerful way to release negative stress!
Step 5) Start a Gratitude Journal.  Sit down daily and write out what you are grateful for.  Friends, Oprah swears this alone changed her life!
That is the short version, of course, but Julie was great and I think this message can start us all on our journey to a more positive mental attitude.  Thank you to Julie and Darla!
On that note, have a POSITIVE day!