Ok, I promise this blog will not always be me ranting about products I love. But, I can not ignore this one!
Check out these pictures of Robin Bernens, RN and owner of Belladerm MedSpa. On 11/27/07 she started testing a new Glo Minerals product we had just gotten in, gloLash Enhance Eyelash Serum. We were familiar with similar products as we have a client that had outstanding results with another brand. However, we wanted to be sure the Glo product stood up to those results. Boy, did it ever!
Check out Robin’s after shots taken on 12/7/08 – just over two months later. I was speechless when I saw the before as I’d gotten so used to Robin’s long lashes I didn’t even realize how well it had actually worked. We are thinking that she will go in to maintenance and just use it once a week, as they are now PERFECT. Read on to learn more about it. And don’t forget, we’ve chosen it as the product of the month so you get 10% off the $145 price! Makes so much more sense than extensions or falsies, doesn’t it?
A once a day simple application delivers visible results in just 3 to 8 weeks. You’ll notice stronger, longer, healthier lashes with continued use. Once you achieve desired results, product can be used as little as once a week to maintain your current look!
Other benefits:
FDA-certified formulation to safely enhance eyelashes.

  • helps promote longer, stronger, more beautiful lashes
  • ophthalmologist-tested, safety tested, suitable even for contact lens wearers
  • hypo-allergenic
  • gentle enough to use every night
  • nourishes with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • eyelashes appear fuller, thicker and stronger
  • strengthening agents help protect lashes against breakage