The key to unlocking healthier, better looking skin can be found with HydraFacial! This high-quality facial treatment is unlike any facial you have received before. Wondering how HydraFacial will benefit your skin? Find out what truly sets it apart from traditional facial treatments and keep reading.

What is HydraFacial?

Unlike other facials, HydraFacial is considered to be a “get down to business” facial treatment that delivers real results. This patented technology cleanses, treats, hydrates, and protects the skin with vortex-fusion technology.

Who is a Candidate for HydraFacial?

HydraFacial treatments target the following concerns:

  • Sun damaged skin
  • Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne
  • Brown spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Early aging, fine lines, and wrinkles

What Results Can I Expect from HydraFacial?

After receiving your HydraFacial treatment, you can expect the following:

  • Increased collagen formation
  • Reduced pore size and fine lines
  • Decreased hyperpigmentation
  • Improved texture and skin tone

The Aestheticians at Belladerm MedSpa are extensively trained in all procedures to ensure accuracy and exceptional results, every time. In addition, we understand that every guest’s skin is different. By using our high-definition complexion analysis, we are able to determine the right products and treatments exclusively for your unique needs.

What Treatments Can I Pair With a HydraFacial?

Belladerm MedSpa offers a variety of treatment enhancements including Dermaplaning, LED Light Therapy, and Boosters. These customizations deliver anti-aging, clarifying, and brightening benefits depending on the modality used. As a result, our patients receive an individualized treatment that delivers exceptional results.

Are you ready to get down to business with HydraFacial? Consultations are always free! Give us a call at 763.494.9905 to speak with one of our skincare experts.