We are setting some records for heat lately and it looks like our sticky weather is staying around.  This not only presents some challenges with our hair and makeup, but also with our fashion and comfort. So how do you shop for fun summer styles that won’t make you sweat? Something cute, chic and that won’t make you melt? Keep these three tips in mind when shopping summer fashions.

  • Fabric: Just say no to silk and satin. It may look nice and cool, but it sure is awesome at showing off sweat stains. Go ahead and skip on fabrics like satin, silk and polyester which will leave very visible sweat stains and don’t breathe very well. Instead, opt for something more lightweight and natural fabrics like cotton, rayon or linen.
  • Fit: Clingy styles will make you sweat. It’s as simple as that. So no matter how much bodycon looks may be in vogue, they’re the last thing I’m thinking about if I’m going to be out in the sun all day. Instead, opt for something easy, breezy and flowy. Look for loose tops, dresses and anything “breathable” that won’t stick to your skin and make you sweat.

  • Color: White is one of summer’s hottest colors, but this is the steamiest part of summer. White + sweat = no good. If you’re worried you may very well melt when outside, try something in a print, bright or dark color instead.

No matter what clothes you choose to wear in the summer heat, be sure you also wear your sunscreen! Belladerm has you covered with the top of the line sunscreens like SkinMedica Environmental Defense, Obaji and Revision Intellishade.