You don’t really think you know it all, do you?

Falling Asleep After Sex Is Normal for Men — and Women

There’s a reason you and your honey feel tired after sex (and it’s usually not because one of you doesn’t feel like reciprocating). “After sex, oxytocin is released and that hormone is responsible for calming you and even inducing sleep,” says Patti Britton, PhD, clinical sexologist, founder of and author of The Art of Sex Coaching. Next time he dozes off, don’t take it as a sign of boredom, but rather, that your lovin’ is the ultimate stress-release!

Having Sex Can Make You Look Sexier

When a woman does the deed, her estrogen levels double. This can make her hair shinier and her skin softer. “Estrogen seems to be the fountain of youth for women,” says Britton. “It can even keep the body enriched with more moisture in the walls of the vagina.” Think of sex as the ultimate beauty treatment and get them nice and often.

Women Can Orgasm an Unlimited Amount of Times

After orgasm, men experience a refractory period during which they lose their erection. Women don’t need the same recovery time. “Women have unlimited capacity,” says Britton. “Often they think that once they experience their first orgasm, that they are done. On the contrary, women have the ability to experience one orgasm after another.” Britton also points out that both genders can have multiple orgasms but that men must master specific techniques in order to do so. This means the man must understand his body enough to know when to decrease stimulation right before he ejaculates. Once he’s achieved this, you’ve got a partner to ride the wave of successive orgasms with!

Sex Can Actually Lower Stress Levels and Keep You From Getting Sick

Did you know that when you’re super busy, getting busy can be just the thing to keep you sane? That’s because intercourse can lower blood pressure levels, making you less prone to stress. Regular sex can also give you higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which helps ward off colds and other infections. So, in case you ever needed an excuse for nooky, there you go.

Strengthening the PC Muscle = Better Bladder Control and Better Sex

You do crunches for your abs, but when was the last time you did your Kegels? It’s an exercise (similar to stopping the flow of urine when you’re peeing) that tones the pubococcygeus muscle (or, the PC muscle). “The PC muscle can help with bladder control, but even better, it can make your orgasms more intense and help you grip his penis when he’s inside of you, giving him more pleasure, too,” says Amy Levine, another sex coach. So, why not squeeze this exercise into your schedule? The move: hold your PC muscle (like you were holding in urine) for 10 seconds, then release for 10 seconds. That’s one. Repeat 10 times. For optimal Kegels, do 3 sets a day.

Sex Usually Lasts Less Than 10 Minutes

We’ve all seen those montages where a couple stays up all night doing it on every available surface, not stopping to eat or even take a bathroom break. But, in reality sex is usually not an all-night affair. There is nothing wrong with your love life! “If you want it to last longer, your guy needs to get in touch with his body to be able to slow down his arousal arc,” she says. “He can use techniques such as breath control to help him last longer.”