Belladerm MedSpa is setting the record straight on preventative Botox. We have all heard the rumors swirling around about Botox Cosmetic and the pressing question: How early is too early? If you’re looking for some guidance, our team of skin care professionals are here to address the rumors on preventative Botox and whether or not it’s worth the hype.

What is Botox?

Botox Cosmetic is clear liquid that is injected into the indicated treatment area. It softens moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles that develop naturally as we age. Often referred to as a “wrinkle relaxer”, Botox injections will not dramatically change your facial appearance, only soften facial lines.

When Should I Start Botox Treatments?

The saying goes, “Prevention is easier than correction”, and this is true when it comes to tackling your skincare concerns. Preventative Botox is best suited for someone that is noticing creasing on the skin when stagnant from repetitive facial expressions.

The goal of preventative Botox is not to completely freeze the area but rather encourage the prevention of lines forming on the skin quickly, if at all. While there is no hard and fast rule about starting treatments, the professionals at Belladerm MedSpa believe in treating our patients conservatively while achieving optimal results. An ideal candidate for preventative Botox is anyone who is beginning to notice the visible formation of these expression lines.

Other Preventative Measures

It’s important to note that Botox won’t work for all wrinkles. For example, If you’re experiencing wrinkles due to sun damage or an unhealthy lifestyle, Botox can’t help you. You need to do your part to prevent sun damage by taking care of your skin to prevent these types of wrinkles. Botox is meant to treat fine lines and wrinkles that you are genetically predisposed to.

Is Preventative Botox Worth the Hype?

Preventative Botox is a wonderful thing! The earlier you begin taking care of your skin and investing in preventative treatments, the better your results will be as you age. The best time to start taking care of these fine lines is when they first appear.

Wondering if preventative Botox is right for you?  Schedule an appointment or request a free consultation with the trusted skincare experts at Belladerm MedSpa™ to learn more and determine a treatment plan specific to you.