Fall beauty tips

Autumn is the perfect time to bring out the heavier matte makeup, bold lipstick, plush sweaters, and cozy scarves to complement your eye color and complexion. Your face may be the only portion of skin exposed to the environment, so make sure to take care of it. Here are some fall beauty tips to give your skin a little extra TLC.

Dermal Fillers

Humidity in the summer helps your skin retain moisture and protect its barrier. But during the fall, your skin can become dry, causing sensitivity, redness, and irritation. Hyaluronic acid is known to alleviate dryness, boosting your skin’s ability to retain moisture. The human body produces HA naturally to maintain moisture levels, but as we age, our skin loses HA.

When added to your skin care routine, this moisture-binding substance can give you a more youthful complexion. Dermal fillers like Juvederm® and Restylane® contain high levels of HA, which works to restore volume, too. 


Wish you could glow as brightly as the autumn leaves gleaming in the sun? With AQUAGOLD®, you can! This new revolutionary micro-needling treatment uses 24-karat gold needles to deliver a customized blend of anti-aging, rejuvenating serums under the skin for a vibrant complexion.


Facials are a perfect way to relax and refresh your skin for the new season. You’ll be able to see and feel immediate results. If you have dry, rough, or flaky skin, a facial can trigger your skin’s self-cleansing, healing, and regenerating mechanisms. Facials remove moisture-blocking dead skin, dirt, toxins, and cellular debris. That way, your skin can absorb active ingredients, like our medical-grade cosmetics. 

Physician-Strength Products

Most people don’t think about anti-aging treatments until it’s too late. Proper regimens like daily cleansing and moisturizing can delay wrinkles and keep the skin looking vibrant. Not sure where to start? Check out these physician-strength products:

  • The SkinMedica aesthetic line encourages self-healing and promotes the skin’s ability to repair and re-hydrate itself.
  • iS Clinical® offers a variety of healing and moisturizing serums that provide antioxidant protection, essential vitamins, and gentle exfoliation.
  • If you’re concerned about blemishes and struggle with oily skin, don’t skip moisturizing. The Epionce® product line includes dermatologist-approved cleansers, toners, and renewing lotions that gently treat acne and hydrate oily or problem skin. 
  • Colorescience® offers powerful, easy-to-apply UV protectors that minimize photoaging and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vitamin C

Take Vitamin C, a water-soluble nutrient that can brighten your complexion by evening skin pigmentation and boosting collagen production. According to WebMD, it can protect your overall health and even prevent skin wrinkling. You can add it to your diet by eating citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, sweet and white potatoes, winter squash, spinach, and other vegetables. Stop by the produce section the next time you go grocery shopping and incorporate these foods into a few meals this week.

Belladerm MedSpa offers all of these services, products, and more. If you’re looking to refine your skin care routine, request an appointment with our beauty experts. Our trained staff can recommend the treatments and topicals that will work best with your skin.

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