Client: I have heard there are many skin care benefits to chemical peels and I understand there are different options available, so how do I know which peel is right for me?
Amy: You are absolutely right! Chemical peels can do wonders for your skin, such as reduce fine lines, build collagen and give your skin an illuminating, youthful glow. To know which peel is right for you, it is important to think about what your skincare goals are and how much down time you can take. But don’t let the phrase “down time” scare you, all I am really talking about here is time out of the sun and time to allow your skin to exfoliate, heal and rejuvenate. You are going to have some skin sloughing with most peels, so its best to plan for skin transformation time. This is just nature’s way of renewing your skin. Most procedures take less than an hour to perform, with minimal discomfort during the treatment.
Client: Can you educate me on some of the peels you offer at Belladerm?
Amy: Absolutely. We like to tailor our peels to each clients specific needs, however there are a few basics that apply. For those seeking a more superficial peel, we offer the SkinMedica® Illuminize Peel.  It is the lightest peel we offer, which makes it a prefect choice for summer time! The SkinMedica Illuminize peel will tighten and tone your skin.  For someone who has never had a peel, this is perfect for you! You can expect quick results and a radiant glow immediately following the treatment. Illuminize peels are perfect for looking luminous for that special summer occasion that is right around the corner, and you don’t have to worry about down time.  Your skin will have an increased glow, tightness and an overall more youthful appearance!
Amy: If you are looking for a more dramatic transformation, you may want to consider a more aggressive peel such as SkinMedica® Vitalize Peel. The Vitalize peel is one of our most popular peels. Our clients rave about the results!
Client: Why is the Vitalize Peel so popular?
Amy: The Vitalize Peel is suitable for all skin types, with noticeable results after just one peel. This peel is indicated for patients with mild to moderate skin conditions such as sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, and melasma. These are the most common concerns of the clients we see at Belladerm. The benefits you can expect are well tolerated with little downtime.  This peel helps decrease fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size, smooths and improves the tone and texture of your skin, which will result in a healthier, more resilient complexion.  It also helps improve acne.  You will peel approximately 2-5 days following your peel.  You will need to protect your skin from sun exposure during that time.  You will have noticeable results after just one peel and significant results after three to six peels.
Amy: For a more aggressive solution that will correct more serious skin care conditions, I recommend the SkinMedica® Rejuvenize Peel.  It is the deepest of the SkinMedica® Peels.  It penetrates deep into the surface layers of the skin to produce significant results with minimal irritation. The Rejuvenize Peel is indicated for people with moderate to severe skin conditions including sun damage, lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and melasma.  Our clients have seen a significant improvement in their skin using this peel.  It begins working instantly to reveal fresher, more beautiful skin.  It is similar to the Vitalize Peel in that you will peel approximately 2-5 days after your peel.  You will need to protect your skin from sun exposure during that time.  You will see noticeable improvement after just one peel and significant results after three to six peels.
Amy: We highly encourage you to educate yourself on the many benefits of chemical peels, however, the best way to determine which chemical peel is suitable for your unique skin care needs is to come and see me!  Our consultations and complete VISIA skin analysis are always free! Call anytime at 763-494-9905!
About Amy Dague: Aesthetician Manager, Certified Laser Technician
Amy received her license in Esthetics in 2003, and completed her license as Esthetic Manager in 2006. Amy has also received her Certification in Cosmetic Laser Procedures through Empire Medical Training Inc. She has extensive training and continues to attend advanced workshops to provide her clients the most advanced treatments. In addition, Amy also has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota.
Amy is passionate about overall skin health and client education. She enjoys working with her clients to help them achieve their personal skincare goals. Amy works directly with Robin to ensure Belladerm offers the finest pharmaceutical grade products available, as well as effective aesthetic procedures. She has worked at Belladerm since 2006, and loves being part of Belladerm’s friendly, professional team.