With the festive holiday spirit in the air and shopping and baking on your mind, be sure to not forget about cuddling up close this cold-weather season! It doesn’t have to be an entire evening in front of the crackling fire, gazing into one another’s eyes – you definitely don’t have time for that right now! Instead, look for other (faster) ways to inject some fun and romance.
Truly Spice It Up: Literally. Here’s a short list of spices that are meant to stimulate the sexual appetite: ginger, chocolate, and chiles. Why such a short list? Well, when brewing hot cocoa (made with 100 percent cocoa, milk, and brown sugar to taste, heated up and whisked in a small pot), toss in a few slices of fresh ginger or a pinch of cayenne for an aphrodisiac hot cocoa. Perfect for fireside foreplay.
New Lingerie: Yes, boys like it when girls dress up – some pretty new little things under your holiday dresses may prove very exciting for you both. Shop Christmas ideas here: www.figleaves.com
Music for Love: A little dancing in the dark is the perfect way to get in the mood. Blue Note’s Music for Lovers series captures all of Sarah Vaughan’s most romantic ballads (think “The Very Thought of You” and “Stella by Starlight” in one place.

‘Tis the Season for a Quickie: Between family obligations and Secret Santa sneakiness, sex may be the last thing on your naughty or your nice list. On the nice side, bust out your organizer and pencil in some alone time with your man. For the busiest of the busy, the bedroom may be out of the question. Get naughty by stealing cheeky kisses, squeezes, and more while wrapping presents, just before the folks turn up for dinner, well, whenever the fancy strikes!
Give a Sexy Gift: If you just can’t think of anything, chances are he’d be delighted with the classic ‘wrap yourself up with a bow and wait for him in the bedroom’ approach. That is likely his favorite kind of gift anyway!
Silk Sheets: Ooh, la la! Silky, sensual, seductive sheets will definitely trigger some naughty behavior every time you and your guy climb into bed.
Massage Candles: Keep the fire burning with these enticing candles. Alluring scents of cocoa and figs create a romantic setting for an innocent massage or something steamier. Candles come in gorgeous porcelain containers, each with a different subtle but sensual design. For some extra heat, blow out the flame and pour the wax over his body to use as massage oil. Click this link to see a sampler set – a perfect way to try them out: www.jimmyjane.com