If the summer sun is leaving your hair dry and brittle – or just a little dull – you may be inclined to try one of these little recipes.  Mix them up right in the comfort of your own home and then sit back and let them work their magic.  You’ll be left with more luxurious locks!
Get soft and shiny hair naturally
Mash one peeled avocado and mix it with coconut milk. Apply this on hair and rub well. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it out. Shampoo if required.
Shiny Hair with a fresh feeling
Avoid this one if your hair is really damaged or dry.  Add 1 tsp. lemon juice, 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water. Apply this after shampooing. Leave it for ten minutes then rinse it out.
 Homemade Hot oil treatment #1 Olive oil
This is a treat for dry hair. Warm olive oil and apply on the hair and scalp. Massage it in and leave on the scalp for 15 minutes and then shampoo well.
Homemade Hot oil treatment #2 Olive oil & honey
3 tsp. of olive oil and 1 tsp. of honey. Mix well and apply on scalp; wait 15 minutes and shampoo well.
Homemade Hot oil treatment #3
Beat together 1 egg, 1 tsp. vinegar and 2 tsp. coconut oil. Massage into the scalp. Comb evenly through hair and leave for 15 minutes before washing.
Homemade Hot oil treatment #4
Mix 2 tsp. of coconut oil with 1 tsp. of lime juice and massage into the scalp and rinse.
Why do these ingredients work?
Raw Apple-Cider Vinegar: Adding a little bit of raw apple-cider vinegar to the deep-conditioning hair treatment provides an astringent effect; it works by tightening the cuticle, giving tresses shine and silkiness. In addition, it helps to ensure that the ingredients blend well.
Coconut oil: It is an excellent conditioner and helps in the re-growth of damaged hair. It also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair.
Egg yolks: These contain large amounts of lecithin and supply valuable conditioners that don’t weigh down the hair. The scalp, too, can benefit from the lecithin, as it is very nourishing for the skin.
Olive oil: A wonderful ingredient for conditioning and nourishing normal hair.
Avocado: Use these for hydrating benefits and proteins.