Many of us kicked off 2009 with New Year’s resolutions.  As we near the end of January, it is a great time to assess how we are sticking to our goals! Don’t get discouraged if you’ve fallen off the wagon already! Pick yourself back up and get back on.  Here are some tips to help:

 Resolution Tip 1: Set resolutions that are realistic and based on your personal history.  Learn from your failures.  If you want to exercise five days a week and you haven’t done it in the past, vow to work out twice a week.

 Resolution Tip 2: Set interim goals.  You can’t lose 100 pounds or get a PhD overnight.  Lose two to three pounds a week, and work toward your doctorate a few credits at a time.

 Resolution Tip 3: Track your progress.  Keep a ledger of some sort–whether it is on your computer, PDA or just a note book you have lying around.  Short term goals are easier to attain. (see our list of helpful websites below!)

 Resolution Tip 4: Use positive language.  The way you talk to yourself really affects your ability to attain your goals.  Try to develop a “can-do” attitude.

 Resolution Tip 5: Get support.  Reach out to your family, friends or a group of people who share the same goal and who can encourage you if your resolve weakens.  Don’t underestimate accountability!

 Resolution Tip 6: Celebrate your “successes” and rebound from your “failures.” Take credit for success when you achieve a resolution.  If you fail don’t blame yourself, just see how you can do better the next time.

 If you’d like a little support and help tracking your goals, I’ve included some great websites that provide helpful tools.  Check them out and let us know if any of work for you! They are free!

 FitDay—helps you lose weight by keeping an exercise log and food diary

Traineo—another one for weight loss and fitness goals

Daily Plate—compare to FitDay—keep a fitness journal and more

Wesabe—organize your finances and save money

Mint—finance tracking

Ben Franklin Virtue Chart—daily habits

Backpack—get organized

Bellygraph—public progress tracker

Don’t Break the Chain—Jerry Seinfeld’s way to reach success

Joe’s Goals—daily goal tracking—people really love this one

Joe's Goals

We’d love to hear about how your resolutions are working out! What helps you stick to your goals? What is the hardest part about keeping your resolution? 

Wishing you success,