What could be more fun than a cutest canine contest? Enter your adorable dog in Round 2 of the Star Tribune contest going on NOW! Check out what you could win:

TOP DOG: A $1,000 Visa gift card and publication in the Star Tribune and on StarTribune.com (WOW!!)

TOP 10 WINNERS: Get a $100 Visa gift card

TOP 30 WINNERS: Get a $25 Visa gift card

Don’t just pull out any old photo of your dog! Make sure it is one that stands out in a crowd! Also, make sure it captures your dog’s charm, personality and good looks! This may mean that you need to snap a new picture just for the contest! It will be worth it! Just look at what the TOP DOG wins!

When you enter the contest, you’ll need to come up with a title for your picture.  You will also need to submit a description of your dog.  You’ll have fun reading comments that voters will post about your lovable dog! The contest ends on January 23rd, 2009 so don’t delay!

Click here for tips on photographing dogs, if you need a little help to get you going!

Click here to go to the Star Tribune Cutest Canine Contest. 

I am going to ask all of the girls at Belladerm to enter, what fun!

Best of luck to you and your canine,