LightSheer: The Gold Standard for Hair Reduction

LightSheer™ Laser Hair Removal is the gold standard laser system for providing permanent hair reduction. The LightSheer™ laser provides a non-invasive treatment that is nearly pain-free and entails virtually no patient downtime. A well-designed treatment regime can result in long-lasting hair reduction.

Note: Laser hair removal results vary by hair color and skin type.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) - PFB, or razor bumps, is a common condition in which the re-growing hair, after shaving, curves back toward and pierces the skin, resulting in a pustule or papule. PFB is very prevalent in populations with curly hair, affecting nearly 85 percent of men of African descent and a growing number of women.



  • Lip or nose:  Upper lip or nose. 
  • Chin:  Area from lower lip to/and including underneath the jaw line. 
  • Small of chin: Area below the lower lip to the jaw line. 
  • Neck (front or back): Area from beneath the ears to start of shoulders. 
  • Ears: Front and back of ear, not inside ear. 
  • Brow: Above and between eyebrows, not below the brow line. 
  • Sideburns: Area just in front of ear, from hair line to base of ear. 
  • Face: Entire face, does not include neck or ears. 
  • Lip and chin.
  • Nose and ears.
  • Full face and neck.

Arms and Legs

  • Underarms: Area of hair growth in pit of the arm. 
  • Upper arms: Area from the shoulder to the elbow. 
  • Forearms: Area from elbow to wrist. 
  • Hands: Area from wrist to finger tips. 
  • Full arms: Area from shoulder to wrist. 
  • Full arms and underarms.
  • Thigh: Area from bikini line to knee. 
  • Lower legs: Area from knee to ankle. 
  • Feet and toes: Area from ankle to the tips of the toes. 
  • Full legs: Area from bikini line to ankle.


  • Chest: Area from the collar bone to the diaphragm. 
  • Breast: Area of breast tissue. 
  • Areola: Area around the nipple. 
  • Abdomen: Area from the diaphragm to the top of the hip bone. 
  • Lower abdomen line: Area from the belly button to the bikini line. 
  • Chest and abdomen.
  • Shoulders: Area from the base of the shoulder blade to the collar bone, also includes the deltoid area. 
  • Back: Area from the base of the shoulder blades to the top of the hip bone. 
  • Back and shoulders.
  • Back, shoulders and neck.

Bikini Area

  • Buttocks: Area from the top of the hip bone to the crease at the top of the thigh. 
  • Bikini line: One inch area from your underwear line on each side and a one inch area across the top.
  • Bikini line and underarms.
  • Brazilian bikini: Removal of as much hair as you want from the entire bikini area and the crease of the buttocks.
  • Brazilian bikini and underarms.

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