End Painful Intercourse with diVa® Laser Therapy

Painful intercourse is not normal – and it is not healthy. Often the cause of painful intercourse, or dyspareunia, is an issue with vaginal health.

Vaginal health is important to your overall health, sense of wellbeing, your intimate relationships and self-esteem. There is no reason for any woman of any age to put up with vaginal pain, laxity, dryness or dysfunction that compromises their sexual lives.

Cutting-edge, non-surgical treatments like diVa® laser vaginal therapy can improve vaginal function and health for a more fulfilling sex life.

What Causes Painful Sex?

Women may experience painful intercourse, or dyspareunia, in different ways.

Painful intercourse can include pain only at sexual penetration, deep pain during thrusting, burning pain or aching pain, and throbbing pain that continues after intercourse

Painful intercourse is caused by a wide range of vaginal health problems, including:

  • Vaginal dryness, often caused by decreased estrogen
  • Thinning of the vaginal lining
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Weakened, less elastic vaginal walls
  • Vaginal yeast infections
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Allergic reactions to clothing, spermicides or douches

Lowered estrogen production is the most common cause of vaginal health issues and pain during intercourse. When estrogen levels drop, the lining of the vagina thins and loses elasticity. The vaginal canal can become shorter and narrower. Less estrogen also means less natural lubrication. The vagina becomes vulnerable to pain, irritation or injury.

Urinary issues such as urinary incontinence or chronic urinary tract infections can also make sexual intercourse painful or embarrassing. These conditions are closely tied to vaginal health.

How diVa® Can Improve Your Sex Life

During each in-office session,  diVa® laser vaginal therapy uses two types of lasers that combine to work in synergy, delivering both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to the treatment area to achieve customizable results.

The first laser deeply resurfaces the vaginal walls, stimulating new tissue growth in the vaginal lining. At the same time, the second laser heats the deeper layers of the vaginal structure to rebuild collagen and elastin for stronger vaginal walls and better support.

The refreshed vaginal lining improves lubrication, while the strengthened vaginal canal is thicker, more elastic and can support the bladder, improving incontinence symptoms.

diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy can improve vaginal health by helping to:

  • Regain elasticity and vitality in vaginal tissues
  • Alleviate vaginal dryness
  • Decrease painful intercourse
  • Improve bladder control
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor

As vaginal walls are thickened and lubricated, women often experience greater friction, stimulation, arousal and sexual satisfaction during intercourse. As vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence symptoms improve, women feel more confident and can relax and enjoy intimacy again.  When your sexual life is fulfilling, you enjoy life more!

What is the diVa® Laser?

diVa® is a quick, convenient, in-office, minimal downtime solution for women’s gynecological and genitourinary/urology health. diVa®’s dual-wavelength hybrid fractional laser technology and tunability allow customization based on a patient’s age and symptoms.

diVa® uses a disposable dilator (strengthened quartz dilator) that remains stationary during the procedure. diVa® is the only vaginal laser system to include HPA (High Precision Automation) technology to ensure optimal outcomes for patients. The HPA-driven lasers are customizable and extremely accurate. diVa’s technology ensures the length of each treatment is minimal and that the treatments and results are uniform and consistent.

For more frequently asked questions, visit our diVa® FAQs.

What to Expect During Your In-Office Treatment

diVa® laser vaginal therapy is an in-office procedure that provides comfortable, fast and easy treatment, taking only about ten minutes to treat the full length of a vaginal canal. The number of treatments recommended will vary, though women often find the results they desire after one to three treatments.

Some women experience warmth or slight pressure during diVa® laser vaginal therapy. Some women experience increased sensitivity near the vaginal opening. If you have concerns about pain or discomfort, we can offer a topical anesthetic cream.

Women can resume regular activities immediately after diVa® treatment. Patients may experience minimal discharge or spotting.  Depending on your customized treatment, your practitioner may recommend a personalized post-treatment regimen that may include avoiding sexual intercourse or tampon use for several days.

Stop Living with Painful Intercourse Today

 At Belladerm, we treat many patients who experience painful intercourse. We understand that your emotional health and your relationships can be impacted by your vaginal health. You should enjoy a fulfilling sex life free from pain, worry and embarrassment.

There is no reason to live with compromised intimacy and emotional distress when diVa® provides an easy solution. Call our caring team at Belladerm to schedule your consultation!


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