diVa®: The benefits of non-surgical vaginal therapy

Vaginal laxity is not a topic that women want to discuss, but it is a common problem for women who have been through pregnancy, vaginal childbirth, menopause or surgically induced menopause. For some women, the size and “tightness” of the vagina is a matter of genetics.

Women experiencing vaginal laxity often feel resigned to a life of discomfort and sexual dysfunction. When the only option is surgery, they would prefer to suffer in silence.

But surgery is just one alternative. Women with vaginal health issues should consider the benefits of non-surgical vaginal therapy.

Vaginal symptoms

Vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse are a few of the reasons women seek out vaginal procedures.

Vaginal laxity is primarily caused by vaginal childbirth and menopause. Childbirth can stretch tissues and the vaginal canal. The vagina may feel "loose," which can lead to pain and sexual dysfunction.

For menopausal women, a drop in the hormone estrogen can lead to laxity, dryness and other symptoms. Estrogen is important to maintaining the structure and the lining of the vagina.

Vaginoplasty: Vaginal surgery

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that tightens the vaginal canal. This vaginal laxity can occur after vaginal childbirth or is attributable to hormonal changes and aging.

During vaginoplasty surgery, the surgeon removes extra mucosa skin from the back wall of the vagina. They may also restructure muscles that have become separated.

Risks of Vaginoplasty Surgery

Risks are like those of any major surgery, including scarring, infection and long recovery times.

Surgically tightening the vaginal tissue cannot guarantee a heightened sexual response. Desire, arousal and orgasm are tied to emotional factors and personal experience. It can be a big risk to take for uncertain results.

What is diVa®?

diVa® is a vaginal laser therapy that can provide relief from vaginal symptoms. diVa® has fewer risks and shorter recovery time than vaginoplasty surgery.

Benefits of non-surgical vaginal therapy include:

  • Fast – diVa® takes only a few minutes in our offices
  • Comfortable - Delivered at your comfort level
  • Custom – diVa® can be precisely personalized for your specific, desired results
  • Safe - Thousands of women have been safely treated with diVa®

What does diVa® do?

diVa® vaginal therapy uses two types of lasers in a single treatment. One resurfaces the walls of the vaginal canal, which can improve lubrication and elasticity.

The other laser penetrates deeper into the tissues that surround the vaginal canal. This laser stimulates the growth of new collagen structures. This new collagen supports the vagina as well as the bladder and urethra.

Who is a candidate for diVa®?

Women who experience certain vaginal symptoms may find relief or improvements after treatment with diVa®.

Women may want to consider diVa® if they are experiencing:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal laxity

What will I experience during diVa® vaginal therapy?

diVa® uses a strengthened quartz dilator that remains stationary during the procedure. diVa® takes only three to five minutes for both lasers to treat the full length of the vaginal canal. Some women experience a feeling of pressure but generally have little to no pain or discomfort during the procedure. If you feel anxious about pain, we can apply a topical anesthetic if needed.

Is there a long recovery period after diVa®?

Unlike vaginal surgery, diVa® vaginal therapy has minimal downtime and recovery following the procedure. Patients may return to their daily routine, but may experience minor discharge, spotting, or discomfort. Depending on your customized treatment, we will give you a personalized post-treatment regimen for optimal recovery.

If you have vaginal pain, dryness or laxity, you may be a candidate for diVa® vaginal therapy. Contact the experienced team at Belladerm today to learn more about the benefits of non-surgical vaginal therapy with diVa®.


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