Microneedling is an effective, minimally invasive procedure to boost collagen, treat scars and sun damage, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles anywhere on the body. Created in the early 1990s, the process uses mini-needles to create tiny punctures in the skin. This stimulates the body’s natural cell regeneration process. The result – healthy, strong, more radiant skin. Read our blog as we discuss the top five benefits of microneedling.

Stimulates collagen production

Collagen is a compound in the skin that enables strength, structure, and a youthful quality. The mini injuries from microneedling boost collegan and elastin production. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The body’s wound healing system stimulates new cell growth, which makes wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, and forehead creases less visible. Skin treated with only four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart can result in up to a 400 percent increase in collagen and elastin six months after completion.

Reduces the appearance of scars

Because microneedling stimulates collagen and elastin production, it’s incredibly effective at diminishing acne and other scars on the skin. Moreover, it can also be used on all skin tones. According to one study, patients who received one to six consecutive monthly treatments had an improvement in the appearance of scars of at least 50 percent after an average of 2.5 treatments. However, the only type of scar that cannot be treated with this procedure is keloid (raised scars).

Improves sun-related hyperpigmentation and age spots

If your skin is blotchy or discolored from too much time in the sun, microneedling can help. The process stimulates new cell growth, which can assist with hyperpigmentation, age spots, blotchiness, or redness to even out your skin tone. Your skin will look invigorated, fresh, and more youthful.

Improves the effectiveness of topical products

Since the microneedling process involves inflicting tiny puncture wounds on the surface of the skin, it assists with the absorption of serums, creams, moisturizers, and other anti-aging treatments. The mini holes deliver the products deeper into the dermis. This helps with hydrating the skin.

Fewer side effects than laser resurfacing or chemical peels

Unlike laser treatments or intense chemical peels, microneedling gives you immediate results with little downtime. You’ll notice a visible difference 24–48 hours after the treatment instead of days or weeks with other anti-aging procedures.

Other benefits to microneedling include a decrease in stretch marks and hair follicle stimulation. Moreover, some patients notice a reduction in cellulite and crepey skin, and pore shrinkage.

Microneedling is an effective way to get a youthful and glowing complexion. However, the results are based on your overall skin care goals and areas of the body you wish to have treated. To receive maximum benefits, plan on at least three to six treatments over a two to six week period.

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