Did you know that June is national men’s health awareness month? Around the world people are celebrating men’s health month as a special awareness period recognized by Congress, which ends on Father’s Day, June 19. Men’s Health Awareness Month is built on the pillars of Awareness–Prevention–Education–Family. Men’s Health Awareness Month is credited with the increase in wellness activities for boys and men in all areas of the public and private sectors, resulting in better health outcomes and longer life expectancy. During this time, health care professionals, private corporations, faith-based organizations, government agencies, and other interested groups plan activities that focus on the health and well-being of boys, men, and their families. Men need to take charge of their health. Compared to similarly-aged women, men are less likely to have a regular doctor visits and they are more likely to put off routine checkups or delay seeing a health provider after experiencing symptoms. Let the month of June be a reminder to talk to health professionals and to learn about important screenings that assist with finding conditions before they get worse. How can you help create awareness? Tell your friends and family to rally and recognize June as Men’s health awareness month by wearing blue! Join the people all over the world by taking pictures of themselves and others wearing blue and post on social media sites to increase awareness. One of the most loving things you can do to Celebrate Father’s Day this year is help to spread the word about men’s health awareness month. Encourage the men in your life to learn more about Men’s Health Awareness month and get regular check ups, stick with a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.