Some of you may be familiar with this treatment and yet many may have never heard of it before. Traditionally, to get a treatment similar to this, the needling device was rolled across your skin. This caused more discomfort because of the pulling that resulted on your skin. DermaPen changed all of that. DermaPen’s carefully controlled, disposable needle applicator only moves in a stamping motion, meaning less recovery time and a more comfortable experience for patients because it leaves smaller holes. Some other reasons to consider it include:

  • Have a scar that always bothers you? Improve the look of embarrassing acne scars and other scars when you allow DermaPen to “fill them in” with new collagen. You see, when the head containing several tiny needles, stamps over your skin it causes micro-injuries to the epidermis, which signals the body to produce collagen to remodel the damaged area. This results in firmer skin, a slight improvement in some wrinkles and a very noticeable difference in areas that have been affected by a scar.
  • Another benefit to the DermaPen treatment is that it helps in the absorption of your products while the epidermis is healing.  So, whatever your skincare needs are, your products will start working even better because they will be allowed to penetrate deeper into your skin layers for enhanced delivery of nutrients and moisturizers.
  • Customizable treatment options are a fantastic perk to this treatment. The tiniest of micro needles are used to treat minor surface flaws, while slightly larger needles (still tiny) are used for deeper scars.  The number of passes of the pen will vary depending on the condition of your skin, also, so the treatment can be customized to your needs.