Ahhh, Minnesota. Where this year’s weather rollercoaster took us from winter directly to summer, skipping spring altogether.  In September, we are out on the lake and at the park in the 80-something weather thanking our lucky stars that the warmth will last a little longer! All of this unpredictability keeps life pretty exciting, don’t you think? Or frustrating is maybe a better word? We ARE officially in the fall season and the cool drop in temps reminded us of that on Monday morning as we stepped out the door to a blustery breeze and insisted to our kids that shorts and a t-shirt wouldn’t cut it today like they did yesterday.
With fall, comes new fashion! Now that IS something to keep life exciting. Let’s talk about what you’re seeing out there in the stores and on the streets. Here are the top 5 easy-to-incorporate fashions for Fall 2014:
Seasonal Fashion

  • THE WRAP COAT: Who doesn’t love wrapping up in a warm, fuzzy robe post-shower? This style of coat will give you the same feeling and  you’ll look beautiful, too. The tie at the waist give you a custom fit since it is so adjustable.
  • BLUE and ORANGE: Hues of blue will wash over every store and you’ll also find lots of fun orange tones.  Before you write off the orange as a can’t-do, just remember that there are MANY different shades out there.  You’ll find flattering shades of orange to match any skin tone from vibrant color to muted, pumpkin-esque hues.
  • THE MIDI SKIRT: Fall’s ultimate transition piece is ladylike and can work for anyone because it can be paired with so many different options on top.
  • SHEARLING: Great news for those of us battling with the polar vortex! You’ll see this on collars, vests, and even boots.
  • MATCHING TOPS AND BOTTOMS: A trend started this summer is continuing on this season.  If one uniform pattern is just too much, try adding a sweater or jean jacket over the top to offer a little more variety.