Happy Labor Day weekend! If you haven’t been there yet, there are still a handful of days to visit the great Minnesota get-together! The state fair is a staple of our summer here in this beautiful state but it also marks the end of more carefree days when the kids are out of school and the beginning of new things for fall with back to school and a change in our seasons coming!
Here are a couple of tips for the fair-goers out there! Enjoy and soak all of the fun in!

  • TIP 1: Please (pretty please!) don’t forget your sunscreen at home! Even when the weather report says it will be mostly cloudy, you still need to protect that beautiful skin from the sun. Slather it on before you even leave for the fair and then remember to reapply when you take breaks or sit down for a snack. You might like to bring along your favorite hat, too!
  • TIP 2: The fair can be an absolutely perfect, delicious way to take a cheat day – with all of that fried food on a stick, who can resist? But, if you want to be more careful, in hopes of not derailing your successful diet, you can do it. Consider doing what Bob Harper suggests (The Biggest Loser trainer):  if you drink eight ounces of water before every meal it keeps you hydrated and full so you don’t eat as much. Staying hydrated in the heat of the fair is a good idea, anyway, so that tip really applies!