We all know that dieting is not a lot of fun, but looking good in your summer clothes is! When it comes to losing a few pounds, what key things will help you succeed?
Here are some of my best five weight loss tips:
Get in the right frame of mind.
1. Determine your main objective. To lose weight successfully, you first need to have a real desire and a main objective. With both of these, you will be more focused and determined to achieve your goal, keeping you from getting off track.  Therefore, it is important for you to determine your objective first. Maybe it’s an upcoming event or simply the thought of slipping into last years summer clothes, or better yet, buying some new ones.
2. Visualization- When temptation occurs take a deep breath and visualize a thinner happier you! Let’s face it, we are happier when we look our best. If you can visualize yourself feeling and looking good, the chances of your succeeding will be far greater.
Get into a daily diet routine

3. Drink lots and lots of water.  This seems like a no brainer but in reality it is one dieting rule that is often overlooked and can make the difference in terms of flushing out toxins and feeling full. Plus, that extra water will give your complexion a youthful glow.
4. Eat five cups of veggies every day. Vegetables are high in nutrients, low calorie and they fill you up. You can always divvy these [five cups] up during the day. I like to have two cups with lunch, two cups with dinner and one cup as a morning or afternoon snack. Don’t worry too much about eating the “right” ones.  Choose the ones you enjoy eating the most.

5. Have three protein rich meals. Protein kick starts your metabolism and suppresses the appetite.  Another protein benefit is it keeps you feeling full, so stock up on chicken, turkey, fresh fish and cottage cheese.
Here’s a link to help you  get creative with your meal planning and enjoy delicious low-fat high protein meals: High Protein Low Fat Meals
Most importantly, remember to stay positive, visualize the new and improved you and give yourself a nice reward when you’ve reached your goal!
Robin Bernens