Just in time for Valentine’s Day. We compiled some help for you to set the stage for a special Valentine’s Day this year. Some of these might be surprising, but who doesn’t want a little more love and romance? What’s getting in the way of it for you?

  • Tip 1: Clean Your ROOM! No, really. Pick up the laundry and the kids’ toys and make your bedroom an INVITING place to be. Most women are bothered by messy, cluttered spaces and being in the bedroom should be an escape from those things, not a reminder of all you need to do. Who can relax and be passionate in a messy room?
  • Tip 2: Work out. You will end up with more energy for between the sheets and will have more confidence, too!
  • Tip 3: Give your special someone a long hug. Did you know research shows that hugging at least 30 seconds releases oxytocin, which is the hormone that makes us feel trusting of the other person. While you are at it, take a few deep breaths in your partner’s neck.
  • Tip 4: Focus on kissing and touching above the belt for 20 minutes. This will signal dopamine, which drives sexual arousal.
  • Tip 5: Share your fantasies. Enough said.
  • Tip 6: Change something up. Buy new lingerie, style your hair differently, leave your clothes on or try sex in a different part of the house than you have before. The sense of newness can be a turn on.
  • Tip 7: Get some work done. Yes, you read that right. It can be a big help when you make some progress on your to-do list, pay some bills, things that have been on your mind. Women need to feel relaxed in order to get turned on, and often we have too much on our minds to relax. Start getting some things off of your mind for Valentine’s Day so you can REALLY relax and enjoy getting in the mood.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Belladerm MedSpa!