When in doubt, neutral always looks classy.
These colors will look great for work, school or an evening out on the town. They work well with any wardrobe colors and they make your nails look super clean and chic, too. Just like nude colored heels elongate your leg, neutral colors give your hands and fingers a lovely, lean look.
Be sure to get your nails properly prepped before using a lighter, neutral shade, however. These have a tendency to highlight flaws if your nails are damaged or dry. Use a quality base coat beforehand and take care of those cuticles, especially with our frigid MN winter taking its toll on your hands.
Take your time choosing a color because just like foundation for your face, nude polishes have many different undertones and certain choices will work better with your natural skin tones than others. In short, it’s all about complementing your skin, while providing a little colour and contrast, too.
Some good neutrals to check out:
OPI “Berlin There Done That”
OPI “Bubble Bath”
Essie “Don’t Sweater It”
Essie “Mademoiselle” (great for fair skin)
OPI “Samoan Sand” (great for medium skin)
Essie “Fed Up” (great for darker skin)