Don’t we all wish our best friend was a stylist for the stars and could give us some help when it comes to choosing clothes/styles. The next best thing is to collect tips that stylists offer up and take their advice! Read on:
Accentuate with Accessories – Always
Stylists say that people underestimate how a bold accessory like a wide red belt or a gigantic emerald necklace can draw your eye somewhere and put the focus on what you love about yourself.
Looking Leggy
The key to wearing heels is wearing them with confidence. A stacked heel is good for everyday wear and stability. Stylists say if you’ve got great legs, wear a black dress and gold shoes, then everyone will look at your legs. But, a nude heel is the best investment. It should be almost skin tone to make your legs look leaner.
Skirt Length How-To
Midcalf is a tough length.  You have to be a giant to pull it off.  A pencil skirt or an A-line at the knee is better.  The middle of the knee is actually what stylists say is the most flattering for everybody.  From where the kneecap cuts, you want to go just about an inch above that.  Mini skirts should be retired when you are in your late 20s, unless you wear them with tights.
Last Minute Help
Stylists recommend using a triangular makeup sponge to easily wipe away the peskiest of deodorant streaks. Water doesn’t work! Don’t forget to keep a mini lint roller handy (especially when you leave the house in black!) and a few safety pins of various sizes in your purse to fix a broken strap or busted button.  Need to secure a plunging V-neck? Use Vapon Topstick toupee tape, which has more staying power than traditional fashion tape.