Mid-November hits and it you can almost feel something different in the air. Besides the crisp, cold wind chill, that is! You can feel it when you stroll into your favorite mall or store – a certain energy and urgency is felt everywhere you go. Do you ever get to New Year’s Day and think, “WHAT just happened? It was all a whirlwind!” The holiday season can be so much more enjoyable when you stay focused on taking care of yourself and letting the little things go. Yes, I know these days it is harder than ever to not want to keep up with everyone else and make impressive little custom Pinterest-inspired name placards for the Thanksgiving meal BUT really, wouldn’t you rather be in a better mood for your loved ones? Missing out on some precious sleep to make crafty goodies is something you might want to reconsider. Maybe pick a few special areas in which you will be an overachiever – an amazing Christmas lights display or tree decor, a couple of impressive new recipes at Christmas, extra-special gifts this year – but vow to not run yourself ragged doing it all perfectly.  In the end, the memories with your family are what counts, so stay focused on that!
A couple of tips for the season:

  • Keep a bunch of generic but well-loved gifts on hand and stocked up so you don’t have to leave your house at the last minute. There is always someone that slips through the cracks or who you just spontaneously want to thank with a little gift, so this will come in handy!
  • Experts suggest taking a time out from the holiday hustle and bustle to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a steamy cup of soup or a “leisurely”, but healthy meal. This will not only fill you up but boost your energy and your immune system for all you still have to do. We have some fabulous ways to give you a little break from the holiday frenzy. Watch for specials from Belladerm to treat yourself! 
  • Don’t cut out exercise during this time. You may need to scale back to fit in all of the things you need to get done right now, but keep up some sort of routine. You’ll need it to deal with the the holiday hoopla you’ll encounter.
  • We know you can’t do this every night, but choose one night a week to wind down with a cup of hot chamomile or a hot bath about an hour before you head for bed. This will recharge your batteries.
  • Keep eating well and making sure that your body is getting vitamins C & zinc to combat the germs circulating everywhere.
  • If holiday weight gain is a worry on your mind, think about keeping a casual log of what you consumed each day. When you are accountable, you can make better choices. Better yet, find a pal or spouse to discuss progress with. And allow yourselves special treats. It is the holidays, after all! Even just focusing on portion control helps a great deal!