Boost your sexiness this summer to feel more confident in every area of your life! Here’s how to be a bit more like that every day! 

  • GET YOUR GLOW ON: Light a scented candle in your den or break out those candlesticks for a romantic dinner. Candlelight casts a warm, cozy glow over everything and everyone in the room and is so much more flattering than harsh lightbulbs. You will — literally and figuratively — see yourself in a new light.
  • GO SMOOTHER: The results of laser hair removal will no doubt get your libido going! Ohhh la la! Taking good care of yourself in any way boosts your confidence, making you feel more sexy! Stop in or give us to call to learn more about that beauty treatment you’ve been considering. Consultations are free!
  • READ SOMETHING RACY: Just knowing you’re reading something risqué in public is sure to give you a teeny confidence boost.
  • GET SOFT: Try picking out a yummy lotion in a scent you love and take the time to really slather it on. You’ll end up feeling soft, smooth, and just…well, sexy.
  • CHANGE IT UP: Play up your eyes with a new eyeliner, or try a different gloss on your lips. When you feel beautiful, you feel sexy.
  • SLOW DANCE: Slow-dance. Fitting together so snugly and swaying in sync is unbelievably sensual and intimate.
  • UNDERNEATH IT ALL: Throw away those faded granny panties and buy some new underwear. The sexier, the better — but G-strings aren’t required. New bikinis, boy shorts, or even basic briefs can make you feel special.
  • SWEAT IT OUT: Workouts can leave you feeling strong and sexy. The endorphins will lift your mood, too!
  • GET IN TUNE: Create lustful playlists that remind  you of when you were falling in love.  You’ll be surprised at how it takes you back to those emotions!
  • TURN OFF: Your phone. And the TV. And your laptop. Life’s distractions keep you from being fully in touch with yourself, never mind anyone else, says Louann Brizendine, author of The Female Brain and The Male Brain. Unplug for a few minutes each day so you can plug in to what’s important: you. Focus on just one activity — reading a book or having a snack. Tuning out from the world helps make you a priority, which makes you feel special.