As always, we love looking at ways to keep your whole look fresh and fun! Here are some trends you might consider embracing for fall!

  1. Statement Collars: This look makes any outfit look polished! You can even find embellished collars on Etsy or how-to instructions online to make a DIY one for yourself! We are talking ultimate creativity here!
  2. The Navy Blue Peacoat: A good trend to invest in — your peacoat will never look out of style.
  3. Wine colors: Dark red and purple shades are a big statement this season — especially the shiny burgandy coat. Brick reds look great on warm skin tones, for example, while bluish plums look great on cool ones.
  4. Wear textures: Don’t go head to toe in texture, but add some fun interest to your outfit with texture. Think cashmere, angora or maybe mohair.
  5.  Pointy pumps: These look fab with a dress or cropped pants but don’t pair them with wide-legged pants or you are just asking for trouble!
  6. Unlikely pairings: Purses are making statements this season with unlikely mixes of hardware and fabrics.