We love to keep you ‘in the know’ when it comes to all things fashion and beauty.  Let’s talk color trends for this spring. Here is what’s hot:

  • Minty Freshness: Yep, that’s right.  All shades/tones of mint are going to be on the racks.  Use it as a full outfit color or as a pretty accent shade.

  • Tangerine: Beautiful, Bold and Eye-Catching! Perfect for a sundress, purse or sandal! Don’t dilute this one by pairing it with other colors–make a statement!

  • Pastels: Soft, Flirty & Subtle! Now these are perfect for pairing together.  Don’t be afraid to layer and the more the merrier!

  • Neon: Need we say more? This trend is a little bit harder to fall in love with but nevertheless, it is out there! Though mixing with neutrals is surely safe, you truly have fun when you go neon on neon.