True, but plenty of beauty junkies are still in the dark when it comes to what’s up with them. What’s the difference between a serum and a cream? Why are they so expensive? And most importantly, have you considered trying one? Here are some reasons why you might want to consider making serums a weapon in your skincare arsenal.
You have a serious skin challenge.
Cosmetic chemists and derms maintain that serums tend to be more efficacious than plain old-school moisturizers due to the method of delivery: Serums are more concentrated so they’re able to penetrate more deeply than creams, according to Ni’Kita Wilson, YouBeauty Cosmetic Chemistry Expert. That makes these products ideal for troubleshooting specific problems such as redness, acne and hyperpigmentation. For example, rosacea sufferers might try a serum that contains azulene, which can help calm irritated skin.
You have ultra oily skin.
Oily skin types tend to avoid rich, heavy oil-based creams like the plague since they can clog pores and bring on breakouts. But skimping on a moisturizer means losing out on potential anti-aging benefits. What’s more, drying out your skin can actually result in increased oil production. Luckily, most serums are water-based and lightweight enough to slather on sans an oily aftermath. Bonus: Formulas that contain vitamin C or luminizers tend to impart a gorgeous glow, leaving skin looking hydrated and healthy—not sweaty. Top off with an oil-free, gel-based sunscreen.
You have super dry days.
Wintertime is notorious for causing your skin to turn dry and flaky—and even the creamiest, richest moisturizer isn’t always enough. Many serums are formulated to act as boosters to heavier creams by providing a crucial layer of vitamins and essential oils that the cream effectively “seals” into skin. Think of a serum as a strong foundation and cream as a protective barrier. Look for serums that contain super-hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.
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