Eyelash extensions have become a trend in the beauty industry. Long, luxurious lashes make you feel pretty and really play up your eyes.  But just because the process isn’t surgical, doesn’t mean it is safe or even a good idea at all.  Eyelash extensions are applied by gluing lash extensions to individual eyelashes, which can be very dangerous when you consider the fact that you’re trusting someone with a powerful adhesive and tweezers very close to your eye for hours at a time.
Another thing to note is that most face cleansers will dissolve the glue used to attach your extensions. Use the wrong cleanser and you could wash off your extensions completely, or even end up with all of your eyelashes stuck together in one big clump. Trying to remove the lash extensions before they fall off naturally is difficult to do without causing your natural lashes to fall out too. Add to this that they are expensive and need to be refreshed frequently. No thanks!

So, while some people are swearing by eyelash extensions as their new beauty secret, many are wishing they’d looked into LATISSE, which is a far better option and will grown your OWN natural lashes long and beautiful! Just think, when someone comments on your gorgeous lashes, wouldn’t it feel good to know they are your very own lashes, as opposed to some lashes that were glued on!
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