The growing trend continues.  Numbers are on the rise for men undergoing aesthetic procedures like BOTOX.  Sometimes, it is the special woman in their lives who urge them to consider it and other times, it is just because they are noticing a more tired appearance in the mirror.  Men have a strong need to feel confident in the way they look, too.  Especially when it comes to the workplace, men are boosting their confidence by undergoing a simple procedure that takes minutes, but has a great impact.
The parents of the baby boomers elected to ‘grow old gracefully’ because they really had no other choice. This generation does have a choice — and due to the popularity and safety of most cosmetic procedures, men have decided to improve their appearance as much as women do. It is common for men to be concerned about wanting a very natural look so that it won’t be obvious that they had something done.  Most men want to look refreshed and well-rested.  A common treatment area is the 11’s between the eyebrows.  As we age, they can give a continuous angry, tired or frustrated look to the face.  Even a subtle change can make a big difference in how these men feel about themselves.
Men who have cosmetic procedures are just as happy as women with the results and are just as likely to return for more. You won’t hear them talking about it like women, though.  You’d probably be surprised to find out how many men you know have had some sort of cosmetic treatment.  It just doesn’t come up in conversation and they are less likely to admit that they have needed anything done to improve their looks. That is changing, too.  Former Olympic superstar Mark Spitz has been speaking out for a couple of years to encourage men to consider cosmetic procedures as part of their overall life regimen so they can look and feel their best.  As a spokesperson for Allergan, he’s been happy to share his experience.  He says, “BOTOX has helped me feel more positive about the way I look and feel. When you’re confident, you feel better and you attract people that are positive around you. It’s a contagious emotion.”
We’d love to hear from you.  Are you a guy willing to share your experience? Are you a woman who wishes her man would look into a cosmetic procedure? Do you think it is taboo for men?