Well, we HAD to ask that…b/c we can HELP you in that arena…in a BIG WAY!
So just what WOULD be some good beauty resolutions? Funny you should ask; we have a list ready to go!

  1. Purge that old makeup! It is TIME, ladies! Toss it out, replace it with something fresh!! Yes, even that one.  Just let it go.  Besides, new makeup is FUN and you’ll be having a blast with your new cosmetics.
  2. Along those same lines, get rid of your old sponges and brushes.  At the very least, give them a thorough washing! We don’t need to get out a microscope to convince you, do we?
  3. Protect your skin.  Every day.  Period.  You may think you’re too busy to bother, but it makes a DIFFERENCE in the long run! Slather on a teaspoon’s worth of sunscreen on your face, neck and the backs of your hands.  Don’t forget, they are aging, too, and have seen a LOT of sun! Stop in to see our selection.
  4. Renew your tired skin! Try an anti-oxidant serum in the morning for a glowy, beautiful look!
  5. Try something new! We’d love to advise you about what your options are for beautification in 2011!! Stop in or give us a call anytime. You’ve probably wondered about fillers, BOTOX or Latisse.  Your friends are likely buzzing about them and you just aren’t sure about it yet.  A free consultation will give you the information you need to make some decisions. Longer lashes, losing your frown lines, renewing your skin? We’re excited about it all and have thoroughly enjoyed helping hundreds of clients achieve their beauty goals over the years!
  6. Update your look.  We’re talking anything from Extreme Makeover-esque to just finding a new color of blush that flatters your complexion!
  7. Get some new highlights! The new trend right now is Ombre–a technique that gradually lightens hair from the root to the tip so that your highlights look more natural! Like they did when you were a young child in the sun all day!
  8. Lastly, catch enough ZZZZZZs.  You’ll ALWAYS look better after a night of 8 hours or more. Make that your goal this year! An extra bonus is that this will help your diet, too! Studies show there is a direct correlation between staying up late and gaining weight or struggling to lose it.  The culprit is no secret–it is partly because you are awake more hours to eat, right? And who doesn’t get hungry around midnight!?!?

Best of luck to you as you consider your goals and your desires for reaching them! Please let us know if there is any way we can help!