If you love your beauty treatments and don’t like the idea of forking out more money for them in the years to come, PAY ATTENTION! It is critical that our voices are heard on this matter and we’re asking you to join us in opposing this unfair tax.  Please read below and do all you can to stop this from happening! Together, we can keep your aesthetic costs down!
Find out more and join us here:
Thank you once again for your support of With your help, we really can stop this unfair, discriminatory tax.
We only launched this effort a few days ago, and we’ve already been overwhelmed by the response. Thousands of you have signed up, and added your voice to the opposition. And we expect that opposition to keep growing, since a clear majority of Americans opposes this tax, according to a newly released poll.
But the battle still continues, the next few weeks will be critical, and we need your help. Here’s what you can do:
1) Send a Letter to Congress
If you’ve not done this yet, please visit , and send a letter to your Senators and Representatives. We’ve set it up so you can do it right from the web site, in under 30 seconds. It’s quick, and it’s easy, but it makes a big, big difference. If you oppose this tax, your leaders need to hear from you, and they need to hear from you today.
2) Become a “Fan” of our Facebook Page
Are you on Facebook? Then please visit today, and become a “fan.” This simple action not only makes a statement, it automatically spreads the word about this effort to your Facebook friends.
3) Forward this Email to Friends and Family

There are a lot of untruths and misconceptions about this tax, and it’s critical that we fight back and set the record straight. Forward this email and let them know that:

  • The tax places an additional burden on the middle class – 60% of patients considering a cosmetic medical procedure are squarely in the middle class, earning between $30,000 and $90,000 per year.
  • The tax discriminates against women – 91% of patients seeking cosmetic medical procedures are women.
  • The tax puts cosmetic medical procedures in the same category as cigarettes and alcohol – “Sin taxes” on cigarettes and alcohol were imposed to try to change unhealthy behavior and cover the significant costs that these products placed on the health care system. But a tax on cosmetic medical procedures is illogical because such treatments are not unhealthy and do not impact the heath care system as patients pay for these procedures themselves and they are not covered by insurance.
  • The tax will be impossible to effectively and equitably administer – It is not clear which procedures will be subject to the tax and which will not. Further, the same procedure performed on two different patients could lead to different conclusions concerning application of the tax.
  • The tax discourages innovation and promotes dangerous and unregulated alternatives – Because only drugs and procedures regulated and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be subject to the tax, manufacturers may choose to circumvent FDA regulation to avoid the tax. Further, patients may seek untested and potentially dangerous treatments from unlicensed practitioners to avoid the tax, including seeking treatment across our borders and overseas.

We’re in the final, critical days of this effort, and your support is essential. Please keep up the good work, please keep spreading the word, and together we can stop this unfair, discriminatory tax.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!! We are partnering with you to make sure you don’t have to pay more than necessary to look your best!