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Are you in pursuit of the perfect pair of comfy jeans but keep finding yourself completely frustrated in a dressing room? You don’t need to have a perfect body to look great in denim–you just need to choose a pair that flatters and fits your body!
Another great tip that you’ve likely heard is to know what dark can do! A dark color will make you look slimmer, whereas a light color of denim can highlight your trouble spots.
You might really enjoy a couple of websites we’ve found that take your measurements into consideration and then dish out ideas of ideal jeans for your body.  It only takes a couple of minutes to find flattering jeans! Yes, it sounds way too good to be true.  What will  you do with the time you used to spend hunting for jeans that fit?
Zafu.com has over 200 different styles of jeans and over 70 different brands to draw from.  They can help you minimize curves, accentuate your best features,  and achieve the exact look you want and so far, they have over 4 million happy customers.  You can also find your best fit in bras, other pants, and accessories.
Another one to try is truejeans.com.  This site serves the guys, too! Check it out!
Happy shopping!