Welcome! As many of you may know, I do a monthly newsletter for Belladerm. It’s been a great tool to connect with our clients and it’s always fun to hear their feedback when I see them at the spa. So, we’ve decided to do one better. Why not have a forum where we can continue to educate and inform, but offering you the chance to share feedback and questions with us (and better yet, each other!) anytime you want. Robin and the girls at the spa will regularly chime in, so feel free to direct your comments/questions to any of us. With that, welcome to my first ever foray into blogging. I look forward to your comments…please read on to learn about my very favorite product ever!
You probably remember when lip plumpers first came out. They sting, they burn, they tingle, they irritate. And most of the time, they don’t work. Imagine my absolute joy to test out the Skin Medica TNS LipPlump System at a recent event and watch it work right before my eyes! Literally, I look in the mirror every time I use it and watch in awe. I’ve now gotten in to the habit of making whoever is with me when I apply it watch the amazing transformation, too. I had a meeting yesterday with our new friend Annie, Editor in Chief of Minnage Magazine. I demonstrated it for her during this meeting (I’m sure she thought that was a bit strange at first). She was so impressed that not only is she going to use it herself, she’s going to use it on all of the models in an upcoming photo shoot for the magazine. She’s even going to do an editorial on the product!
It is a two step process beginning with Lip Renewal. This moisturizing cream combines the rejuvenating strength of Nouricel-MD (those of you that use TNS Recovery Complex know how great this stuff is) and collagen-filling spheres to enhance the fullness and smooth surface imperfections. And it really does this. You follow with the Lip Plumper. This is the really cool part…this clear gloss enhances the natural color of your lips. No more lipstick needed – you suddenly have gorgeous rosy lips. No pain, no irritation, great texture. I’m a fan for life!
So, check out the LipPlump System and all of our other great products and have a Happy Holiday season!