The arrival of summer weather can bring mixed emotions for many people. Coupled with the excitement of getting outside and enjoying the beautiful summer days is the dread of wearing shorts and knowing that everyone will see their purplish, branching spider veins. Around half of the population deals with spider veins and faces this problem every summer.  What can you do about it if you suffer from them? Belladerm offers excellent options to remove the unsightly veins.
1. Sclerotherapy is still considered the treatment of choice for the removal of superficial leg veins, many vessels may be too small to inject or patients may have an aversion to this invasive procedure. So what is it, anyway? Large areas of veins can be treated with hair-thin needles that inject a solution which irritates the lining of the vessel.  The irritation causes the vessel to swell and stick together, as well as making the blood clot.  In a matter of weeks, the vessel turns into scar tissue that eventually fades and becomes barely noticeable. Following the procedure, you will need to wear compression stockings for a short period of time but it will be well worth it.
2. IPL treatments are another option for these pesky veins. Intense Pulsed Light treatments use heat energy to selectively damage or destroy abnormal veins. As a result, the veins shrink and disappear.An advantage of these treatments is that no needles or sclerosing solutions are required.
You may have heard some myths about spider veins in general. Let’s clear up some of the facts here.

  •  Tanning does not hide the appearance of spider veins. In fact, excessive sun exposure can cause spider veins since harmful ultraviolet light breaks down collagen, which composes the walls of spider veins, and can cause thinning and spreading of the veins.
  • Vitamin supplements won’t prevent spider veins.
  • Spider veins aren’t caused by crossing your legs.
  • Gaining a lot of weight does not make you more susceptible to spider veins.
  • Heredity accounts for 80% of people who get spider veins.
  • Women are more prone to developing them. Especially those who stand regularly for their jobs and who have a blood relative with spider veins.

Don’t hide your legs this summer and suffer wearing long pants in the heat. You really can feel good about your legs again! Spider vein therapy is available at Belladerm with the best ways to remove the unsightly branching leg veins.