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Planning Ahead for Wedding Day Beauty

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

In honor of our daughter’s upcoming wedding next month, we are throwing in a little article about wedding beauty!

There are so many details to plan for when it comes to your wedding. Don’t forget to figure out what special treatments to do prior to your big day and when they should be done? Consultations are free at Belladerm and we love helping in any way to make your life easier and more enriching! Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

A month before

Get your eating on track. Proper nutrition is the key to kick-starting skin nutrition. Consider increasing whole foods/grains and as always, drink plenty of water!

If you haven’t started exfoliating your skin, now is the time to begin. Now is also a perfect time to consider treatments like microdermabrasion or chemical peels to slough off dead skin and provide a clean canvas to treat with topicals for the next month. This would also be the time to get any injectable like Botox. Laser hair removal is good to do anytime but keep in mind that it is a series of treatments so it does need to be planned out.

A couple of weeks before

Brow waxing should be done no sooner than 7-10 days prior to your wedding. Be sure you aren’t on any antibiotics, steroids, topicals (such as Retin-A) and that you aren’t sunburned. If by chance there is a mishap and skin comes off with the wax or you have a strange reaction to one of the products used, there will be enough time for your skin to heal a bit and recover. Of course, this is most important for facial waxing due to all of the wedding pictures, but just as important for waxing below the belt. No one wants to ruin their honeymoon by having irritated skin!

A week before

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, using a vitamin C serum at least once a day will help maintain a glowing, even skin tone.  Also, get horizontal. Lie on the floor with your feet elevated on the edge of a couch or a coffee table for 5-10 minutes to increase blood circulation to your facial tissues. This, in turn, nourishes the skin and gives it a glow.  Stay hydrated and minimize your intake of alcohol. Don’t try any new products, so you won’t have any allergies to them – that includes hair products.

The day before

Above all, get plenty of rest before you walk down the aisle! If you know your skin can tolerate it, the Hydrafacial will leave your skin dewy on the day of!

The day of

Yay, you made it! Now, just stay consistent with your skin care routine. Gently exfoliate in the morning to  slough away any dead skin to reveal a brighter complexion, as well as a smooth, even surface for makeup to be applied to.


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Simple Ways to Feel Sexy This Summer

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Boost your sexiness this summer to feel more confident in every area of your life! Here’s how to be a bit more like that every day! 

  • GET YOUR GLOW ON: Light a scented candle in your den or break out those candlesticks for a romantic dinner. Candlelight casts a warm, cozy glow over everything and everyone in the room and is so much more flattering than harsh lightbulbs. You will — literally and figuratively — see yourself in a new light.
  • GO SMOOTHER: The results of laser hair removal will no doubt get your libido going! Ohhh la la! Taking good care of yourself in any way boosts your confidence, making you feel more sexy! Stop in or give us to call to learn more about that beauty treatment you’ve been considering. Consultations are free!
  • READ SOMETHING RACY: Just knowing you’re reading something risqué in public is sure to give you a teeny confidence boost.
  • GET SOFT: Try picking out a yummy lotion in a scent you love and take the time to really slather it on. You’ll end up feeling soft, smooth, and just…well, sexy.
  • CHANGE IT UP: Play up your eyes with a new eyeliner, or try a different gloss on your lips. When you feel beautiful, you feel sexy.
  • SLOW DANCE: Slow-dance. Fitting together so snugly and swaying in sync is unbelievably sensual and intimate.
  • UNDERNEATH IT ALL: Throw away those faded granny panties and buy some new underwear. The sexier, the better — but G-strings aren’t required. New bikinis, boy shorts, or even basic briefs can make you feel special.
  • SWEAT IT OUT: Workouts can leave you feeling strong and sexy. The endorphins will lift your mood, too!
  • GET IN TUNE: Create lustful playlists that remind  you of when you were falling in love.  You’ll be surprised at how it takes you back to those emotions!
  • TURN OFF: Your phone. And the TV. And your laptop. Life’s distractions keep you from being fully in touch with yourself, never mind anyone else, says Louann Brizendine, author of The Female Brain and The Male Brain. Unplug for a few minutes each day so you can plug in to what’s important: you. Focus on just one activity — reading a book or having a snack. Tuning out from the world helps make you a priority, which makes you feel special.

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Inexpensive Date Ideas

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Ever run out of ideas for fun things to do on a budget with your date? This little list can get you thinking, and hopefully planning!

  • GET PHYSICAL: Though exercise has been shown to increase sexual appetite,  hitting a gym together also taps into the fact that men tend to build bonds through shared activities rather than just talking. Don’t belong to a gym? No problem. Most fitness facilities will happily give you a free day pass and is a great place to find them. Check out the fancy gym in town that you would otherwise never go to. Try a new class together. Also check your community center and local dance studios for free lessons — nothing can turn on the heat like a salsa or tango.
  • SPA OUT: Need a mutual break (not from each other but maybe from life)? No better way to let it all down with a little rub down. First light lots of candles, put on some soft music and prepare two cups of tea. Then, predicated on where you are in your dating status, go for a hand-and-foot only or a sensual full-body massage. Either one will steam things up. We’d love to see you both at Belladerm for your date night. Give us a call to see what treatments we could set up for you simultaneously or back to back. There are so many things to do in the Arbor Lakes area where Belladerm is located so you could easily grab a bite to eat after your spa time together, or take in a movie.
  • PUZZLING: Working on a project that promotes teamwork and allows for conversation is a great way to get to know each other. For less than $10, you can find a fun and challenging puzzle that you and a date can tackle together — look for one that’s more than 1000 pieces so the date isn’t over in 10 minutes. Spread out the pieces and see if you two fit.
  • PLAY HOUSE: Wander around IKEA for awhile looking at all of the rooms and furniture. You and your date can learn a lot about each other’s tastes, preferences and sense of humor just by meandering through this Swedish mecca for a couple hours. You don’t even have to buy anything.
  • GET PLAYING: Go find a dart board or pool/ping pong table at your local bar — healthy competition is a fantastic way to get your blood pumping and your libidos raging. For a real dare, find a karaoke night and pick out songs for each other to sing.

Happy Dating! We’d love to hear about your favorite date night ideas below. Feel free to comment here!

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Spice Up the Season

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

With the festive holiday spirit in the air and shopping and baking on your mind, be sure to not forget about cuddling up close this cold-weather season! It doesn’t have to be an entire evening in front of the crackling fire, gazing into one another’s eyes – you definitely don’t have time for that right now! Instead, look for other (faster) ways to inject some fun and romance.

Truly Spice It Up: Literally. Here’s a short list of spices that are meant to stimulate the sexual appetite: ginger, chocolate, and chiles. Why such a short list? Well, when brewing hot cocoa (made with 100 percent cocoa, milk, and brown sugar to taste, heated up and whisked in a small pot), toss in a few slices of fresh ginger or a pinch of cayenne for an aphrodisiac hot cocoa. Perfect for fireside foreplay.

New Lingerie: Yes, boys like it when girls dress up – some pretty new little things under your holiday dresses may prove very exciting for you both. Shop Christmas ideas here:

Music for Love: A little dancing in the dark is the perfect way to get in the mood. Blue Note’s Music for Lovers series captures all of Sarah Vaughan’s most romantic ballads (think “The Very Thought of You” and “Stella by Starlight” in one place.

‘Tis the Season for a Quickie: Between family obligations and Secret Santa sneakiness, sex may be the last thing on your naughty or your nice list. On the nice side, bust out your organizer and pencil in some alone time with your man. For the busiest of the busy, the bedroom may be out of the question. Get naughty by stealing cheeky kisses, squeezes, and more while wrapping presents, just before the folks turn up for dinner, well, whenever the fancy strikes!

Give a Sexy Gift: If you just can’t think of anything, chances are he’d be delighted with the classic ‘wrap yourself up with a bow and wait for him in the bedroom’ approach. That is likely his favorite kind of gift anyway!

Silk Sheets: Ooh, la la! Silky, sensual, seductive sheets will definitely trigger some naughty behavior every time you and your guy climb into bed.

Massage Candles: Keep the fire burning with these enticing candles. Alluring scents of cocoa and figs create a romantic setting for an innocent massage or something steamier. Candles come in gorgeous porcelain containers, each with a different subtle but sensual design. For some extra heat, blow out the flame and pour the wax over his body to use as massage oil. Click this link to see a sampler set – a perfect way to try them out:

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6 Things You May Not Know About Sex

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

You don’t really think you know it all, do you?

Falling Asleep After Sex Is Normal for Men — and Women

There’s a reason you and your honey feel tired after sex (and it’s usually not because one of you doesn’t feel like reciprocating). “After sex, oxytocin is released and that hormone is responsible for calming you and even inducing sleep,” says Patti Britton, PhD, clinical sexologist, founder of and author of The Art of Sex Coaching. Next time he dozes off, don’t take it as a sign of boredom, but rather, that your lovin’ is the ultimate stress-release!

Having Sex Can Make You Look Sexier

When a woman does the deed, her estrogen levels double. This can make her hair shinier and her skin softer. “Estrogen seems to be the fountain of youth for women,” says Britton. “It can even keep the body enriched with more moisture in the walls of the vagina.” Think of sex as the ultimate beauty treatment and get them nice and often.

Women Can Orgasm an Unlimited Amount of Times

After orgasm, men experience a refractory period during which they lose their erection. Women don’t need the same recovery time. “Women have unlimited capacity,” says Britton. “Often they think that once they experience their first orgasm, that they are done. On the contrary, women have the ability to experience one orgasm after another.” Britton also points out that both genders can have multiple orgasms but that men must master specific techniques in order to do so. This means the man must understand his body enough to know when to decrease stimulation right before he ejaculates. Once he’s achieved this, you’ve got a partner to ride the wave of successive orgasms with!

Sex Can Actually Lower Stress Levels and Keep You From Getting Sick

Did you know that when you’re super busy, getting busy can be just the thing to keep you sane? That’s because intercourse can lower blood pressure levels, making you less prone to stress. Regular sex can also give you higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which helps ward off colds and other infections. So, in case you ever needed an excuse for nooky, there you go.

Strengthening the PC Muscle = Better Bladder Control and Better Sex

You do crunches for your abs, but when was the last time you did your Kegels? It’s an exercise (similar to stopping the flow of urine when you’re peeing) that tones the pubococcygeus muscle (or, the PC muscle). “The PC muscle can help with bladder control, but even better, it can make your orgasms more intense and help you grip his penis when he’s inside of you, giving him more pleasure, too,” says Amy Levine, another sex coach. So, why not squeeze this exercise into your schedule? The move: hold your PC muscle (like you were holding in urine) for 10 seconds, then release for 10 seconds. That’s one. Repeat 10 times. For optimal Kegels, do 3 sets a day.

Sex Usually Lasts Less Than 10 Minutes

We’ve all seen those montages where a couple stays up all night doing it on every available surface, not stopping to eat or even take a bathroom break. But, in reality sex is usually not an all-night affair. There is nothing wrong with your love life! “If you want it to last longer, your guy needs to get in touch with his body to be able to slow down his arousal arc,” she says. “He can use techniques such as breath control to help him last longer.”

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