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Enjoy the Sun but be Careful of Sun Over Exposure!

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

iStock_000070040741_Large We wait months for summer to finally get here so it seems only natural that we want to hurry up and get out and enjoy the sun. Enjoy the sun but be careful of sun over exposure!  Too much exposure to sunlight can seriously damage the skin. Some of this damage is short-term (temporary), such as sunburn. However, allowing your skin to burn can lead to future problems, such as skin cancer due to long-term skin damage. There are two main types of damaging ultraviolet (UV) sunlight: UVA and UVB. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, damaging the middle layer (the dermis). The dermis contains the elastic tissues that keep the skin stretchy. UVA rays therefore have the effect of aging the skin and causing wrinkles. UVB rays are absorbed by the top layer of skin (the epidermis). This causes sun tanning but also burning. Both UVA and UVB rays increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Getting sun burnt is therefore a warning sign that you are putting yourself at risk. So why do we crave the summer sun so much? One reason is because the UV from the Sun is needed by our bodies to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D helps strengthen bones, muscles and the body’s immune system. Another obvious reason is that it helps our moods – Research suggests that sunlight stimulates the pineal gland in the brain to produce certain chemicals called ‘tryptamines’. These chemicals improve our mood. Go out and enjoy the summer sun just don’t bake in it. Be sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, apply it regularly, and wear a large brim hat to protect your face and neck. Stop by or give us a call if you have questions or need to purchase sunscreen at 763-494-9905.

Happy Summer! from your friends at Belladerm Medspa!

Skip the Tanning Bed

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Young beautiful sexy blond tanned smiling woman with sun-protect

Skip the tanning bed. Period. There is no such thing as a safe base tan and even occasional use of a tanning bed triples the chance of developing melanoma.  Exposure to tanning beds before age 35 increases the risk of melanoma by 75% and check this out: 2.3 million of the 30 million people using tanning beds a year are teenagers, who are at highest risk for skin damage. Parents, please talk to your kids about the dangers. Fair skinned beauties beware but the rest of you aren’t off the hook. Yes, people with fair complexion are at highest risk for developing skin cancer, but that doesn’t mean others should ignore their skin or sun safety! People of any race or ethnicity can develop skin cancer. It’s not just moles. Any abnormal growth should be checked out. If you have a new nodule of skin, something that might even look like a wart or pearly, lumped up piece of flesh that’s getting bigger, that could be a different form of cancer. It is far better to prevent it than deal with skin cancer. When detected early, skin cancer has a greater than 95% cure rate, so vigilance with skin exams is essential. Keep an eye out and visit your dermatologist. Sunscreen needs to be part of your daily routine. Even in winter months. Protect your skin and you’ll have beautiful skin to show for it. We carry high quality sunscreen products at Belladerm, as well as stylish hats. Stop in for advice about what sunscreen is best for your skin type or for a free consultation anytime. We’ll see you soon!



Five Fun Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

mother-daughterMother’s Day is just around the corner. Why not do something fun and different this year. Here are five fun ways to spend Mother’s Day! 1) Start a new tradition this year by creating a family comic strip. Take a long sheet of paper, and draw three or four large squares next to one another, like a newspaper comic strip. Then think of an event, celebration, or something funny that happened this past year, and illustrate it with markers, crayons, or paints. Be sure to include dialogue, a date, and a title, such as “Life with the Petersons.” Older children can help with the drawing and writing, while younger kids help color the pictures. Save your comic strip, and create another one next year and others in years to come. When you’re ready to compile all of your strips into a book, stack the pages and thread them together with sturdy yarn. 2) Get pampered. At some point on Mother’s Day, you may want some time alone or a chance for a little rest and relaxation. Make sure you get what you need — and deserve — by asking for it in advance. For instance, a few days before Mother’s Day, give your husband and kids a list of five “services” you desire. The list could include: -An hour alone so I can call a friend or soak in the tub -A chance to sleep in until 9 a.m. -A manicure at my favorite nail salon-Whatever else you’d really love! Have your husband and kids make up coupons with each of these services, and be  sure to redeem them throughout Mother’s Day weekend. Or how about having your husband send us an e-mail telling us what you want, you just have click on the link and it is as easy as can be. 3)Plant some flowers. If you have some extra space in your garden, you can create a real, live  Mother’s Day canvas. First, buy various packets of flower seeds that grow fast and well in your region. Then have your kids draw a picture or write a short message (like “We love Mom”) in the garden dirt with a stick. Drop the flower seeds into the dirt lines; then cover them up, and water every few days. Before long, your picture (or message) will be blooming, and you’ll have a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on growing. 4) Schedule time for hugs. What would Mother’s Day be like without hugs and kisses all around? One way to work them into your day is by setting up a silly “hugs and kisses” schedule and posting it on the refrigerator or other visible spot. For instance, you could write, “10:30 a.m.: Everyone runs around the couch and gives Mom a hug and kiss.” or “2:15 p.m.: Everyone hops around the oak tree on one foot and assembles for a group hug.” Make up your own directions and silly things to do — but be sure to include lots of hugs, kisses, and laughter in your day. 5) Give to Others.  Mother’s Day is about honoring all mothers. This Mother’s Day help a mother in need by donating to organizations that help mothers and children. Or register to do the Susan G. Komen walk or run and celebrate with hundred of mom, mom supporters and children. Here’s the link: Have fun celebrating with one or more to these five fun ways to spend Mother’s Day. Enjoy!  Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Belladerm Medspa!