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Minnesota State Fair : Robin’s Tips

Friday, August 29th, 2014

ferris wheel - IMG_4326


Happy Labor Day weekend! If you haven’t been there yet, there are still a handful of days to visit the great Minnesota get-together! The state fair is a staple of our summer here in this beautiful state but it also marks the end of more carefree days when the kids are out of school and the beginning of new things for fall with back to school and a change in our seasons coming!

Here are a couple of tips for the fair-goers out there! Enjoy and soak all of the fun in!

  • TIP 1: Please (pretty please!) don’t forget your sunscreen at home! Even when the weather report says it will be mostly cloudy, you still need to protect that beautiful skin from the sun. Slather it on before you even leave for the fair and then remember to reapply when you take breaks or sit down for a snack. You might like to bring along your favorite hat, too!
  • TIP 2: The fair can be an absolutely perfect, delicious way to take a cheat day – with all of that fried food on a stick, who can resist? But, if you want to be more careful, in hopes of not derailing your successful diet, you can do it. Consider doing what Bob Harper suggests (The Biggest Loser trainer):  if you drink eight ounces of water before every meal it keeps you hydrated and full so you don’t eat as much. Staying hydrated in the heat of the fair is a good idea, anyway, so that tip really applies!


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Four Ways to Beautify Your Eyes

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Three Ways to Beautify your eyes

You’ve heard William Shakespeare’s eloquent proverb, “the Eyes are the window to your soul.” Perhaps what he was stating is that by looking deeply into a person’s eyes, you can tell who they are and how they feel on the inside. Your eyes tell a story with each expression you make, but as we age those expressions can falsely project the emotions that we feel inside. Crows feet, wrinkles and under eye bags can make us look tired, sad or older than we are or how we feel. Now you can erase crow’s feet, grow longer lashes, reduce wrinkles and fill in under eye bags with these four ways to beautify your eyes.

1. Latisse– Latisse is a powerful eyelash growth stimulator available by prescription. It is a liquid that is applied daily to the base of your lashes using a small applicator brush. Latisse will grow your lashes longer, fuller, and darker. It can take 10-12 weeks to see a big difference so a little patience is required. But once they start growing, you will love the result! You do have to continue using Latisse regularly to maintain the effect. Latisse helps you look like you have eyelash extensions – except they are your own lashes!

2. Botox- Botox will relax your crows feet wrinkles and lift your eyebrows. With time most of us develop wrinkles radiating out from the corners of our eyes. These are commonly called the crow’s feet wrinkles and they can certainly make your eyes look older. These wrinkles are one of the most common areas for cosmetic Botox injections. Botox relaxes the outer eye muscles that cause these wrinkles. It usually takes about one to two weeks for the Botox to “kick in” fully, but once it does; those wrinkles soften considerably and sometimes go away completely. And not only will your eyes look younger with the wrinkles gone, but also they can also appear bigger and more open.

3. Dermal Fillers– No one likes to hear, “You look tired”. Especially when you don’t feel tired. Many individuals suffer from bags under their eyes. This condition can worsen with age. Dermal fillers under the eyes help with the problem of bags and fills in the depressed curve that forms between the cheek and the bag. Dermal fillers can also build up the cheek to help smooth the area between the bag and cheek. The goal is to fill the trough below the bag and lift the cheek to provide a more natural contour between the two, effectively masking the appearance of the bag.

4. TNS Eye Repair. When comes to eye cream, we are bombarded with dozens of marketing messages everyday and it can seem almost impossible to choose the right one. One product that is highly recommended at Belladerm Medspa is Skin Medica’s TNS Eye Repair.  It is the ultimate eye treatment cream, formulated with NouriCel-MD®, peptides, high concentrations of Vitamins A, C & E and Hyaluronic Acid to dramatically improve the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes. TNS Eye repair contains growth factors that increases firmness and elasticity, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and strengthens the delicate skin around the eyes. Vitamin E hydrates the fragile skin around the eyes while multiple extracts help to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Vitamin A gives a gentle exfoliation to the delicate eye area and assists in decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Your eyes don’t have to tell a false story of how you are truly feeling on the inside. With these four ways to beautify your eyes you can look healthier, more youthful and well rested. Always consult with a certified and highly trained nurse injector or physician to establish a treatment plan that is best suited for you.  As always, consultations are complimentary at Belladerm Medspa!


“My Eyes Rejuvenation Package”

Purchase 24 units of Botox
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This package also earns double Brilliant Distinctions points

from July 14th through August 28th.  That’s $75 towards future Allergan products and services!

Expires 8/31/14
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Cannot be combined with other offers


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Coolsculpting: The Pros of Losing Fat the Safe Way

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Woman wearing beach hat as she looks out to the sea

Are you hanging onto your old favorite jeans or the most amazing little black dress in hopes of someday fitting in them again? Doing all the right things with your eating habits and exercise but still at a plateau and unable to change those trouble spots on your body?  If you are someone who is carrying a stubborn 10-15 pounds more than your ideal weight, you are a great candidate for Coolsculpting to lose fat the safe way.  Coolsculpting works by using a type of cold energy to remove your fat cells permanently by freezing them.  A very high-powered vacuum holds your skin and fat cells in place while the plates get activated to a low enough temperature for the fat cells to die. During this process, only your fat cells are destroyed and patients report that the discomfort level during treatment is low and tolerable.
Below are the top 5 reasons to choose Coolsculpting to shape your body into the physique you desire.

    1. Zeltiq Coolsculpting requires no recovery time! Immediately after the procedure, you will be able to return to work, your social activities, and family.
    2. This is an FDA-cleared procedure that is natural in its foundation and helps both men and women feel confident once again.
    3. Considering the most popular alternative, liposuction, which is a type of surgery, Coolsculpting is a very attractive option because it is minimally invasive. Liposuction involves pain, bruising and soreness, as well as swelling and compression garments to be worn.
    4. Coolsculpting results can be permanent when combined with long-term healthy dieting and exercise. Results begin to arise within a few weeks of the procedure.
    5. It is a quick procedure for stubborn fat elimination that can be executed in one or more sessions, depending on the amount of fat in the targeted area.

Coolsculpting is a great option to regain confidence and attain that slender and fit body you have always desired. Come in to see us for a free consultation or to learn more in person about the safe way to lose fat!


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What’s the Diffrence between Botox and Fillers? Ask Robin

Monday, August 4th, 2014


My clients often ask me what the difference is between Botox and fillers. While both non-surgical procedures can take years off your appearance and soften those stubborn lines, there are distinct differences between the two.

First let’s talk about Botox. Botox is a medication that relaxes the facial muscles. Some wrinkles on the face, such as those between the eyebrows are created by facial expressions. As we move our faces, certain lines develop and become deeper over time. Botox can be injected into the exact muscle that causes the wrinkles. Botox relaxes the muscle and as a result improves wrinkles. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are used to add volume to the skin.
Dermal fillers, unlike Botox injections, fill the line or crease to achieve a fuller more youthful appearance.

Some wrinkles on the face, such as those from the nose to the corner of the mouth, are caused by a loss of volume in the skin over time. Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to add volume and soften wrinkles and folds. The most obvious area where wrinkles appear are the lines around the mouth, also known as smile lines or parenthesis’. A good rule of thumb is, from the eyes up is for Botox and from the eyes down is dermal filler. There are exceptions to this, however that should be discussed with your injectionist.

Both Botox and dermal fillers can give you an amazing youthful look for a fraction of what a traditional face lift costs. Lines and wrinkles can be treated in less than 30 minutes with results that can last from three months to more than a year.

I like to carefully assess my clients concerns to determine what treatment plan is best for them. I tend to take a more conservative approach when using Botox and fillers on my clients. The goal should be to achieve a more youthful yet natural appearance.

Everyone’s face is a unique form of art, so treatment plans will vary from one person to the next. To find out which treatment plan is best for your needs, consult with a reputable, trained and registered practitioner.

As always, at Belladerm our consultations are complimentary!


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