Even if you get to the pool and slather sunscreen on your face and body before you spend the day in the sun, you’ve likely forgotten something important — your lips. Using a sunscreen on your lips protects you in two ways. First, because the sun ages skin (lips included), the sunscreen keeps your lips feeling and looking healthy and vibrant. Second, skipping the sun protection in your lip products puts you at an increased risk of getting skin cancer or another skin condition.
Sun damage leads to skin losing some of its elasticity, and unprotected lips are no exception. Also, lips naturally have thin skin, and sun damage can make the skin appear even thinner.
If you like to add luster to your lips with lip gloss, keep in mind that lip gloss without SPF might increase the possibility of developing skin cancer by acting as a kind of magnifying glass for the sun’s rays. You might want to consider using a lip gloss with SPF, layering a lip product with SPF of at least 30 underneath or foregoing the lip gloss completely and switching to a matte lip product with SPF.
Since sun damage builds up over time, it’s never too late to start good practices to give your lips some sun protection! Belladerm has complimentary lip balm with SPF15 because we care about keeping your lips luxurious!