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Holiday Travel: Packing Your Beauty Bag

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Whether it is near or far, chances are you have some plans this week to gather with loved ones. Experts say travel will rise slightly this year over last for Turkey Day. You can be thankful for no travel at Thanksgiving if you don’t have to go anywhere but then again, maybe that means the crowds are coming to you so you are swamped right now with your meal planning and cleaning. At least we have had mild November temps for all of your running around, right?

Let’s see how many of you travel or will be a homebody. Vote in our little poll below!

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Of the 43.6 million folks who say they’ll travel this holiday from Nov. 21-25:

  • 90 percent of travelers or 39.1 million plan to hit the road by car. This is an increase of sixth-tenths of a percent (.6 percent);
  • 7 percent or 3.14 million —  a 1.7 percent decline – expects to fly; and
  • The remaining 1.3 million will choose some other mode of transportation including rail, bus or cruise ship.

If you do travel this holiday season, have you streamlined your packing process when it comes to your beauty supplies?

Some quick tips we found for you:

  1. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SAMPLES Most people know this, but sometimes you just don’t leave enough time to gather samples before your trip and you are packing at 11pm the day before you leave just WISHING you had thought of this ahead of time. Belladerm has free sample or trial sizes of cosmetics. These are perfect for traveling on short trips. The small containers will take up very little space in your bag.
  2. USE 2-IN-1 PRODUCTS To conserve space, use as many 2-in-1 (or 3-in-1) products as you can. With many mineral powders and other cosmetics, you can use one product for eyes, lips and cheeks. For bath and body, consider a shower gel that also doubles as shampoo. Or just forgo the hair care products and use those supplied by your hotel.
  3. REMEMBER 3-1-1 Airport regulations allow “3-1-1” rule for carry-on bags:  3 ounce bottles or less; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag to hold the bottles; 1 bag per passenger placed in the security bin. If you have larger bottles of liquid, you must put them in your checked baggage.
  4. USE THOSE SHOES For breakable bottles of perfume and other makeup, place the containers inside socks and then put the socks inside your shoes in your suitcase. Many people overlook the extra space inside shoes when packing.
  5. CONSIDER A TRAINCASE If you have a lot of makeup that you really want to take, buy a cute metal traincase to hold all your essentials. Make a checklist that includes foundation, concealer, powder, eye shadow palette, mascara, eyeliner, blush and two lip colors.

Belladerm will be open until 6:00 PM on Wednesday in case you need to pop in to grab something for your trip.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving – from all of us at Belladerm Medspa!

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A Coat To Flatter Most Body Types

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Well, there is no escaping it now. Winter coat weather is almost upon us! There are loads of styles out there, and sadly, many of them just don’t flatter your shape. To find a style that will look good on any body, look for an asymmetric front that will wrap around the body and create a pretty shape. This style will also define a waist for you and flare in the right place!


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