Hi, All!  With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought this the perfect time to share with you a website that I learned about while watching Rachael Ray the other day.
I’m sure many of you share my experience of realizing it was someone’s birthday TODAY and you simply don’t have time to stop and pick up a card.  Likely, you will send a “belated” card several days later.  Or, you have numerous holidays in a month and spend an agonizingly long time in the card aisle trying to find the perfect cards.  You are going to LOVE this!
Jackcards.com is an awesome tool.  You create a FREE account.  Put all of your holidays, birthdays etc in by date.  Select the cards (their prices start at $1.50, not anymore expensive than going to the store).  They stamp it and address it, put it in another envelope, send it to you 2-4 weeks (you pick the time frame) before the holiday.  You receive it, you sign it, you seal the envelope and stick it in the mail.  I can hardly stand my excitement!  All of that for only.49 shipping cost.  Plus, if you spend more than $30 (which I imagine if you do your whole year at once, you could do?) shipping is free.  Spread the work about jackcards.com and save oodles of time and hassle.
Don’t forget to get Mom a Belladerm gift card for Mother’s Day (yep, you can do that online, too!).  Or, Mom’s, have us send a hint to your kids or husband letting them know that a gift card to Belladerm would be the perfect gift this year!
Have a great day!