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Fall Fashion Trends of 2014

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Ahhh, Minnesota. Where this year’s weather rollercoaster took us from winter directly to summer, skipping spring altogether.  In September, we are out on the lake and at the park in the 80-something weather thanking our lucky stars that the warmth will last a little longer! All of this unpredictability keeps life pretty exciting, don’t you think? Or frustrating is maybe a better word? We ARE officially in the fall season and the cool drop in temps reminded us of that on Monday morning as we stepped out the door to a blustery breeze and insisted to our kids that shorts and a t-shirt wouldn’t cut it today like they did yesterday.

With fall, comes new fashion! Now that IS something to keep life exciting. Let’s talk about what you’re seeing out there in the stores and on the streets. Here are the top 5 easy-to-incorporate fashions for Fall 2014:

Seasonal Fashion

  • THE WRAP COAT: Who doesn’t love wrapping up in a warm, fuzzy robe post-shower? This style of coat will give you the same feeling and  you’ll look beautiful, too. The tie at the waist give you a custom fit since it is so adjustable.
  • BLUE and ORANGE: Hues of blue will wash over every store and you’ll also find lots of fun orange tones.  Before you write off the orange as a can’t-do, just remember that there are MANY different shades out there.  You’ll find flattering shades of orange to match any skin tone from vibrant color to muted, pumpkin-esque hues.
  • THE MIDI SKIRT: Fall’s ultimate transition piece is ladylike and can work for anyone because it can be paired with so many different options on top.
  • SHEARLING: Great news for those of us battling with the polar vortex! You’ll see this on collars, vests, and even boots.
  • MATCHING TOPS AND BOTTOMS: A trend started this summer is continuing on this season.  If one uniform pattern is just too much, try adding a sweater or jean jacket over the top to offer a little more variety.

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New Spring Fashion Trends

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Spring is coming (we hope – someday!) and it will once again be time to kiss those sweaters goodbye and bring out your rain coat! If you like to stay on top of the fashion trends, we’ve listed some of the fashions that will be going strong this spring. Enjoy!

  1. The Boxy Jacket – Now this is one that you might want to skip if you’ve been working your tail off to get in great shape in the new year! Your cute little waist will be completely concealed in this style of jacket. They are pairing these with skirts or pants and are dressing them up and down.
  2. Contrast-Collar Button Down Shirts – The crisp, menswear-inspired dress shirt enjoys a makeover with cool, contrasting color and/or textured collars and cuffs.
  3. Billowy Wide-Legged Pants – Just look for a pair that’s leaner on the flare and higher-waisted to elongate your frame
  4. Tea Length Skirts – Yes, this is the one between the mini and the maxi. Girly-girls rejoice as this is a very feminine look.
  5. Tuxedo Striped Athletic Pants – To keep the look modern but refined, opt for a streamlined silhouette in unexpected white (black is so traditional) and pair the pants with a casual non-button-down top.
  6. The Shift Blouse – It IS everywhere and this is another style with a very boxy shape. You’ll be seeing it in exciting prints, luxurious textures, and varying necklines.

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Stylists Say…

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
Don’t we all wish our best friend was a stylist for the stars and could give us some help when it comes to choosing clothes/styles. The next best thing is to collect tips that stylists offer up and take their advice! Read on:
Accentuate with Accessories – Always
Stylists say that people underestimate how a bold accessory like a wide red belt or a gigantic emerald necklace can draw your eye somewhere and put the focus on what you love about yourself.
Looking Leggy
The key to wearing heels is wearing them with confidence. A stacked heel is good for everyday wear and stability. Stylists say if you’ve got great legs, wear a black dress and gold shoes, then everyone will look at your legs. But, a nude heel is the best investment. It should be almost skin tone to make your legs look leaner.
Skirt Length How-To
Midcalf is a tough length.  You have to be a giant to pull it off.  A pencil skirt or an A-line at the knee is better.  The middle of the knee is actually what stylists say is the most flattering for everybody.  From where the kneecap cuts, you want to go just about an inch above that.  Mini skirts should be retired when you are in your late 20s, unless you wear them with tights.
Last Minute Help
Stylists recommend using a triangular makeup sponge to easily wipe away the peskiest of deodorant streaks. Water doesn’t work! Don’t forget to keep a mini lint roller handy (especially when you leave the house in black!) and a few safety pins of various sizes in your purse to fix a broken strap or busted button.  Need to secure a plunging V-neck? Use Vapon Topstick toupee tape, which has more staying power than traditional fashion tape.

Jean Jacket Simplicity

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Whether worn with a skirt or a pair of skinny pants, the time-tested trend creates the perfect laid-back look. You can pare down a cocktail dress or add edge to floral print with this single piece. There are always fresh new ways to work the look. These are some you might want to try this summer:

You could wear it with a floral dress or a cute skirt:

Or with a pencil skirt:


Or pair it with your favorite print pants:

You can even wear it with denim pants:

No matter what you chose to pair a jean jacket with, it is a great staple in your wardrobe! Versatile and classy!

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Minty Fresh

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

This cool green hue gives all your fashion and beauty basics a refreshing twist. One of the best aspects of mint is that we can find one of the many tints that flatters our coloring. If the light mint washes you out, shoot for a darker mint green to bring out your features. Another benefit is that it blends well with so many colors.  A hot color combo this spring is coral and mint together! Look for it. Keep your clothing in line with the latest fashion trends and start searching for those outstanding mint colored pieces! So, are you loving the mint trend?







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A Coat To Flatter Most Body Types

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Well, there is no escaping it now. Winter coat weather is almost upon us! There are loads of styles out there, and sadly, many of them just don’t flatter your shape. To find a style that will look good on any body, look for an asymmetric front that will wrap around the body and create a pretty shape. This style will also define a waist for you and flare in the right place!


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Oh Yes, Fall Fashion Time!

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

As always, we love looking at ways to keep your whole look fresh and fun! Here are some trends you might consider embracing for fall!

  1. Statement Collars: This look makes any outfit look polished! You can even find embellished collars on Etsy or how-to instructions online to make a DIY one for yourself! We are talking ultimate creativity here!
  2. The Navy Blue Peacoat: A good trend to invest in — your peacoat will never look out of style.
  3. Wine colors: Dark red and purple shades are a big statement this season — especially the shiny burgandy coat. Brick reds look great on warm skin tones, for example, while bluish plums look great on cool ones.
  4. Wear textures: Don’t go head to toe in texture, but add some fun interest to your outfit with texture. Think cashmere, angora or maybe mohair.
  5.  Pointy pumps: These look fab with a dress or cropped pants but don’t pair them with wide-legged pants or you are just asking for trouble!
  6. Unlikely pairings: Purses are making statements this season with unlikely mixes of hardware and fabrics.

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Monday, August 20th, 2012

How far would you go to protect your face from the sun? Would you surrender your fashion sense and raise some eyebrows of bystanders to guarantee sun protection? Have you heard of the face-kini?

All the rage on the beaches of China, the face-kini is a protective head mask that guards the skin from the sun. (They also protect against insects and jellyfish.) Face-kinis come in a variety of styles, cost less than $5, and are also often paired with full bodysuits. These are becoming increasingly popular, especially this year.  If the trend takes off in the US, would you wear one? Chime in and let us know your thoughts? Smart sun protection or creepy?

If you are looking for a more “normal” looking way to protect your delicate facial skin from the sun, stop in to see our selection of sunscreens and fashionable hats that are anything but creepy and definitely won’t make you look like a bank robber. 🙂 Belladerm carries SkinMedica, Obagi, and Revision sunscreen.


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Dressing to Stay Cool in the Sweltering Summer Heat

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

We are setting some records for heat lately and it looks like our sticky weather is staying around.  This not only presents some challenges with our hair and makeup, but also with our fashion and comfort. So how do you shop for fun summer styles that won’t make you sweat? Something cute, chic and that won’t make you melt? Keep these three tips in mind when shopping summer fashions.

  • Fabric: Just say no to silk and satin. It may look nice and cool, but it sure is awesome at showing off sweat stains. Go ahead and skip on fabrics like satin, silk and polyester which will leave very visible sweat stains and don’t breathe very well. Instead, opt for something more lightweight and natural fabrics like cotton, rayon or linen.
  • Fit: Clingy styles will make you sweat. It’s as simple as that. So no matter how much bodycon looks may be in vogue, they’re the last thing I’m thinking about if I’m going to be out in the sun all day. Instead, opt for something easy, breezy and flowy. Look for loose tops, dresses and anything “breathable” that won’t stick to your skin and make you sweat.

  • Color: White is one of summer’s hottest colors, but this is the steamiest part of summer. White + sweat = no good. If you’re worried you may very well melt when outside, try something in a print, bright or dark color instead.

No matter what clothes you choose to wear in the summer heat, be sure you also wear your sunscreen! Belladerm has you covered with the top of the line sunscreens like SkinMedica Environmental Defense, Obaji and Revision Intellishade.

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Skirts for Every Body Type

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Nothing says spring like a pretty skirt! Ever wish you had a little help figuring out the perfect spring skirt for your body type? Let’s face it, not every skirt looks good on every body! In the ideal world, we’d throw on any skirt and suddenly look cute. We rounded up some help to offer you. There are so many different styles, it can be hard to know where to start.


What to look for: A fitted style that won’t overwhelm your small frame. Pick skirts that fall above the knee — a pleated skirt worn with platforms will give you height and elongate your frame.

What to avoid: Long skirts that fall below the knee, which make you look like a teapot … short and stout.


What to look for: A classic wrap skirt is great in a simple solid color. Or an A-line skirt with a belt helps accentuate a small waist and show off those curves.

What to avoid: Flouncy skirts with too much fabric. They’ll just hide your curves, which is the last thing you want to do.


What to look for: A straight, structured skirt in solid colors (like a classic pencil skirt) to add sleekness to your shape. Just make sure it’s not too tight.

What to avoid: Loose, flowing styles with tons of fabric. They’ll only add bulk.


What to look for: Tulip, bubble or mermaid skirts to add the illusion of curvy hips to a boyish frame. Have fun with pleats, layers, ruching and ruffles.

What to avoid: Straight styles that don’t create any curves. A slim pencil skirt is a no-no. Look for fuller styles to add volume and help fill out your figure.


What to look for: A simple A-line skirt that falls right above your knee to  give your rear and thighs a hiding place. The slight fullness at the hem will draw attention away from your hips (tweed is great at hiding bulges).

What to avoid: Stay away from leather skirts. Tight fabric will just make you look more bottom-heavy.


What to look for: A chiffon or silk skirt to give a bit of ease to the silhouette. The flowy fabric will help hide a tummy and balance out your upper body. 

What to avoid: Skirts with pockets or pleats that gather near the waist. Also avoid straight skirts, because they’ll make you look heavier on top.


What to look for: An above-the-knee skirt to lengthen your legs. In other words, shorter hemlines are your new best friend. Another great way to elongate your legs is by wearing black opaque stockings.

What to avoid: Skirts that hit at mid-calf or lower. They’ll overwhelm your petite frame and make you seem even shorter.


What to look for: A-line skirts that sit low on your waist, hit at your knee and are slightly flared. Dark colors are super slimming.

What to avoid: Short or tight skirts, they’ll just draw attention to your problem areas. If you’re not crazy about your thighs, then have the hemline hit right at the bottom of your knees which is a more flattering area.


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